Their Fated Mate (Reverse Harem)

Their Fated Mate (Reverse Harem)

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Category: Paranormal
Armed with a forged identity and burdened by a problematic instinctual magic, I came to Crawford Werewolf University with one mission-to unravel the chilling mysteries shrouding the untimely demise of a few pack observers, and, in doing so, extinguish the insidious thread of untraceable deaths.

Little did I know that fate had another plan in store for me...

Enter Caden Crawford, the charismatic werewolf Alpha who sets my heart and body ablaze; his twin brother, Aiden Crawford, who wants to be more than a friend; and his beta and best friend, Mateo, the enigmatic beta who seems to hate me. And let's not forget Levi, my Vampire childhood instructor turned best friend and unrequited love, who doesn't want to be in a romantic relationship with me.

They are the bonds I've yearned for, the fated mates my soul craves. But our path is strewn with insurmountable obstacles and forces beyond our control threaten to tear us apart at every turn.

Can our bonds withstand the trials that await us, or will the forces beyond our control tear us apart?

*If you like these tropes: fated mates, reverse harem / why choose romance, badass female main characters, cinnamon roll Alphas, childhood sweetheart romance, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, werewolf romances, etc, this series is for you.

Attribution: Image by Alexander Krivitskiy from Unsplash

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