The Witch and The Thief

The Witch and The Thief

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Category: Romance
Lachlan Shadowblade has one job, steal the Dragon Tooth Stone from the Deepwood Vault, a witch's bank notorious for being impenetrable to thieves. Born with magic in his veins, he's not the average thief and is moments away from success when the captivating Maera Maelstrom, one of the vault keepers, catches him.
Not once in her lonely existence, did Maera ever imagine how her life would be turned upside down when one of the most powerful magical artifacts is stolen right out from under her nose. Tasked with recovering the stone from the handsome thief to avoid a punishment worse than death, Maera embarks on a daring quest that sets events in motion that will forever intertwine her fate with Lachlan's and threaten both their lives.

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