The Weregator Fledgling: A Mythical Journal

The Weregator Fledgling: A Mythical Journal

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Category: Spiritual
Welcome, whoever has found this book. Please, call me Dazerzhiz. I won't say more. If you are one of the Uninitiated or Unwilling, W̸̻̎͌A̸̰̒Ḱ̴̼͕͐E̴̞͋̄ͅ ̶̙̩͒U̴͍̽P̵̝̮͛.̶̙͖̈́͠ But, should you decide to S̴̟̞͂̚L̷̘̜̅̈́E̸̹͊͆E̷̫͚͐̃P̴̘̪̿̈́,̵̹͙́̎, T̶̙̉͋Ų̴͝R̵̖̖͌͂N̸̠̕ ̸̧͌̎B̴̪̯̄Ȁ̵̙̙C̶͎̞̋̔K̵̡̘̈́.̴͚̎̕
But, if you are Initiated, Willing, or Both, enter. A new story awaits you.

I am a weregator. No, that is not a joke. That is what this book is about. Although, this book is no longer about just me. I am also creating a tulpa, nicknamed Tal. This book is my journey as an otherkin and a tulpamancer, and also a record of the weird things you can find on the internet.

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