The Virus Within: Third Wave (Book 2)

The Virus Within: Third Wave (Book 2)

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Category: Science Fiction
The third wave is looming, mere weeks away, but in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, problems never come just one at a time.

Season 2 of The Virus Within

* * * * *

Life isn't easy, and that's doubly true when you're a zombie surrounded by humans, a crazy redhead, and a far-too-curious scientist. Once you add in a long-lost sister and a Terror who doesn't know how to zombie, peace and quiet are the last things you'll find.

Reports of a Nightstalker attack come mere weeks before the third wave is due, and Trinity is one of the few who have the necessary skills to take on such a zombie. Leaving her sister in the safety of the Stronghold, Trinity joins the rest of the group as they embark on a road trip to locate the feral creature before it can kill anyone else. Trouble looms on the horizon like a thunderstorm, and where there's thunder, there's lightning.

You better pack your dish soap because the third wave isn't waiting for anyone.

Cover designed by Marie Tilmant

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