The Virus Within: Secrets Unraveled (Book 5)

The Virus Within: Secrets Unraveled (Book 5)

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Category: Science Fiction
Hordes of strange, unranked zombies are appearing and threatening to overrun the remaining human Strongholds, as Trinity and her companions race to find out who's behind it.

Season 5 of The Virus Within


As if a handful of zombies with strange traits weren't bad enough, they're now appearing in hordes...And there are still no leads on who's creating them or where they're coming from. Trinity tries to protect the humans while Nina struggles to understand the zombie triggers, only to make a surprising discovery.

The triggers are coming undone on their own. The unranked will eventually disappear-but this means Wren will lose her mind and sanity unless Trinity can find the group responsible and help Nina save her.

The clock is ticking and the hunt is on as both human and zombie lives are on the line in this action-packed fifth installment of 'The Virus Within' series.

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