The Villainess Will Live a Good Life

The Villainess Will Live a Good Life

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Category: Fantasy
Nana wasn't someone who could be called ambitious. In fact, her mom liked to constantly remind her that she was too lazy. It wasn't that Nana was lazy. Really, she wasn't. She was unmotivated. There was a difference.

So what will happen when the unmotivated (lazy) Nana finds herself stuck in the body of a antagonist from a webnovel she read? Maybe she will actually feel inspired enough to make goals. Or maybe she will live achieving the bare minimum as usual.

Either way, she wasn't going to take this too seriously. Well, aside from avoiding her bad end. The threat of death was quite motivating, even for Nana.

Warning: This novel does not contain explicit content, but it does contain highly suggestive material and mature themes that may be inappropriate for readers under the age of 16. Few scenes of non-graphic violence (no gore) and light cursing are also present in this story.

This is an original novel, not a fanfiction. All rights reserved.

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