The Useless Duke's Daughter Saves the World

The Useless Duke's Daughter Saves the World

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Category: Fantasy
When May opened her eyes, she found herself clinging to the body of Evangeline Amelia Alcmene, the daughter of a duke who also happens to be one of the three main characters in an unfinished novel she was reading before she had died.

You might be thinking, she reincarnated as one of the main characters, isn't that great?

NO! Absolutely not!

Just because she's a main character, doesn't mean she has good qualities! Evangeline was portrayed as an extremely cowardly and selfish person, only thinking about her own convenience throughout the entire novel. During the climax scene, she even ran away with her tail between her legs and because of this, the male lead ended up sacrificing himself for her. In a novel world where she is the only one who knows the identity of the hidden villain, Evangeline now faces a ticking time bomb where the apocalypse will occur in the near future.

Stepping up to the plate, May, who is now Evangeline, has no choice but to undertake the role of the saviour. The useless and cowardly duke's daughter? Hah! She doesn't exist anymore. The new and improved Evangeline will bravely stop the villain's plans and save the world!

⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰

Cover art created by myself!

Started - 2nd July 2020
Updates - When I can
❥ First volume - Completed
❥ Second volume - In progress
❥ Third arc - ???
❥ Fourth arc- ???

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- Last updated at 16:44 31-01-2023

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