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~That's the thing with good and evil. They are entirely the same, and entirely different. You cannot have one without the other.~

Laura of Neverland has spent her entire life knowing to not cross the barrier. Thirty -two years on Neverland, and she will never willingly cross the barrier. She is a Fire Sage, and one of the ten members of the Council of Magic. Laura has spent her time in Neverland hiding from her past and avoiding her future.

Sebastian of Havfrue is the only surviving child of The Little Mermaid and her Prince. Born to rule, he is leading the charge with his soldiers and Kendrick of Knave's Peak's pirates onto Neverland with the purpose of destroying all magic for his kingdom. He finds his plan quickly halted by the presence of The Twilight Children.

One wrong move by Sebastian has both these characters suddenly forced into a new world. Both were born for it, yet one has spent their life running away from it, and the other towards it. As destiny continues to force these enemies together-- in more than one way-- is there any chance that they can reconcile their differences, or are they destined to be enemies forever?

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