The Truth

The Truth

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Lyra is a young woman who had join a mission into the jungle/forest on a different planet. Little did the crews know that Lyra had other intention and she's More than just a normal human.

As she stepped foot into the jungle, she feels as if she was being watched, she knows it's not her "comrades" nor a normal animal. Something not human

She will do anything to finish her true mission even if it means tricking her "comrades"

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In a desperate attempt to prove himself to his father, Y/N ends up being enrolled into the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. Here, he meets Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula, who quickly became his best friends until he was forced to leave the Academy. But after leaving them and their memory behind, however, he finds himself facing them several years later as Azula asks for his help in tracking down and capturing the Avatar. What they learn along the way is that Y/N is not the same boy he was before, and that he is far more dangerous than they anticipated.

I love him but maybe love wasn't enough...!!I thought maybe our marriage will work out for once he will consider my feelings and try to give a chance to our relationshipbut I guess I was really very wrong he loves Natasha and he will never consider my feelings he will never give me a chance he will never give us a chanceI just his by chanceI loved Natasha it was love at first sight but i never imagined I would be stuck in a forced marriage with shravani I can never love her I will never give this shitty relationship a chancehow can I , she always hated me she never understood me she never understood why I am the way I am she always said those things to me without thinking onceeven if I tried we can never adjust together she is just mine by chanceread this story to know more about veeransh's and shravani's journey where this journey of love hate confusion and misunderstanding will take themwill they ever try to understand each other or they will part their ways
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He died from being assassinated at one of the parties he was forced to attend. Instead of feeling aggrieved, he was enjoying his death. His last thoughts were: "Finally, some peace and quiet". But he didn't expect that a naughty little system would choose him to be its partner. System: Your mission is to live until the age of 20.MC: That's easy. It's only 6 months from now. *coughs blood*System: I forgot to tell you, your body's sick and will die in 3 months. MC: What the...... ML: Don't worry, Wifey. I will take you to the best doctors, immediately!Continue reading to find out how our MC will bend the laws of life to complete his missions with a little help from his husband.⚠ WARNING ⚠ Might have suicidal thoughts and tendencies but it's part of the tasks and not intentional Very slow updates!
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" I brought you a surprise Alpha " The one holding me, Jaxon I suppose said.The alpha lifted his head and it was as if the world froze. His green eyes were mesmerizing to look into and he had soft pink lips that were just kissable. I studied the rest of him for a bit until looking back into his eyes which were pitch black dark. He got up and made his way over to us. He was about 6'5 and held more power than I could hold in my entire life.Once in front of us he took me from Jaxon softly holding my scruff and laid me on the palm of his other hand and as an instinct I curled up into the tiniest ball I could form which was just a bit bigger that a tennis ball" Leave us " He said to the men who quickly left and went back outside to guard. When the doors slammed shut it made me jump and shiver but the shivering soon subsided when the alpha put his hand on my back and started petting me which made me purr lowly. When I opened my eyes he was staring straight at me and had serious face on." You are mine now kitten "************************This was one of my first books on Wattpad so please spare me. I know it isn't high quality reading as it was very rushed so don't be triggered when we jump from plot to plot.
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mga tula na gawa ni AM Salazar. tula na patungkol sa pagsusulat, pagibig, at mga hamon sa buhay. halina't basahin ang bawat tula na nakapaloob sa koleksyong ito. mag bigay sana ng inspirasyon ang mga ito sainyo !!!
The Lost Life of Laraine

She lead a rather tragic life. The black sheep of her family due to her lack of affinity for fire. Her affinity was quite the opposite. Water in fact. Already in a time when women did not really have much political power or rights, she was outcasted by her family despite being of nobility. Still allowed to live in the distant west wing of the massive Grand Duke's manor, she has never eaten a single meal with her family nor extended family, and has spent her loneliness in her books and sword lessons. Although only taught by the head butler and one of the low ranked knights of the family, she was quite bright and if her family would have given her a chance she would have done great things. If only she didn't die at such a young age. Married off to some "hero" of sort that had slayed the Dragon of the North who was terrorizing the land and threatened the kingdom, this hero also had an affinity for fire and held her in disdain like the rest of her family.Suddenly a girl of another world was transported to their world, picked up by this hero and put into his secure care. The pair soon fell for each other despite the hero's marriage, and many believed Laraine got jealous of this girl of mystery, and tried to kill her. This was definitely not true. But because the girl was favored by the temple and kingdom Laraine was quickly arrested and put on trial.You can probably tell what happened to Laraine.But something strange happened the day of her execution. As soon as her decapitated head hit the ground the sky turned blood red and it began to rain fire. No one survived that day.But for some reason time went back, and Laraine was back to being a child, but with no memory of her future. There were select few in her life, however, that remembered her tragedy and now perhaps will take action to prevent it.NOTE: I'M AWARE THERE ARE A LOT OF INCONSISTENCIES. IT WILL BE EDITED SOME DAY BUT RIGHT NOW I'M JUST TRYING TO FINISH IT.


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This is my first story so don't get your hopes high as for the rest of the story...JUST READ THE DAMN STORY!

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This was made because there aren't very many of these.Oneshots included so far include characters from.... Voltron, Percy Jackson, Until Dawn, Detroit Become Human, Hnkna, YouTube, Supernatural, Alice In Wonderland, SallyFace, Marvel, OHSHC, Camp Camp, Miraculous LadyBug, My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, and The Umbrella Academy

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