The Transference

The Transference

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Category: Fantasy

Name: Camille 'Cami' Stark
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Wanted DEAD
$700,000,000 reward.

Last year I found out my entire life has been a lie. It turns out that I'm not troubled or psychotic. I'm half witch, half alien.

My adopted parents are dead.

My biological parents are alive and not well, but they've abandoned me again.

Summer is over and school is back on, but it wasn't as I left it. The death of the High Lord spread across the world like a wildfire, and not everyone is thrilled to hear that.

They are coming for revenge.

They want my head on a pike.

I thought everything ended when the High Lord died but it was only the beginning of an inevitable war.

Friends turn enemies.

Enemies turn allies.

I need all the help I can get but why do I feel like I'm still in the dark?

Why do I feel like I'm exactly where they want me?

Screw that shit! There's a price on my head, a bounty, and all sort of people and monsters will be coming after me.

Let them all come, I will give them the welcome they deserve.

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#1 Magical Realism
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