The Tears of Robin (a Batman Fanfiction)

The Tears of Robin (a Batman Fanfiction)

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After three years of living with Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Dick Grayson is kidnapped by Slade Wilson, with no other intention than for Dick Grayson to become his ultimate apprentice. After threatening to kill Batman and everything he loves including his best friends Roy, Wally and Barbara Dick begrudgingly follows Slade to the dark side...

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The Final circus trick

After 4 years stuck being deathstrokes apprentice Renegade finally decides enough is enough and runs away. But what happens when a certain bat finds him? What happens when he is forced to join a certain team of young superheroes? And what will happen when deathstroke tracks down his missing apprentice? First fanfic hope you like! I don't own ANYTHING DC!!!!!
Son of Deathstroke

Bruce Wayne couldn't come to the circus performance that fateful night. Instead, Deathstroke finds a young Dick Grayson running from the scene, who he takes in as his apprentice, training him to be a mercenary as he himself is. He cares for him as he would a son, but when a contract comes up, Deathstroke is forced to put his protégé through more than he ever had before to fulfill the contract, possibly putting more emotional strain on the boy's mind than he was prepared to handle. The Son of Deathstroke would infiltrate the Justice League by way of their team of sidekicks.xXxNot technically finished, but I'm not updating it anymore whoops
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"Human or alien, powers or not, we are in this together.""Till death do us part." ~ Kara Danvers and Oliver Queen, "Make It Reign"They first met when Barry brought them together to fight the Dominators on Earth-1. They met again when Oliver requested her help to rescue his friends and his family. The third time they met, and when they fell in love, was when Kara needed his help in kind.One year after the events of Lian Yu, Oliver and Kara have their biggest fights yet on their hands: saving the world from Reign and the Dark Priestesses and finally freeing Star City from Ricardo Diaz once and for all. They aren't alone - Barry and his team have Clifford DeVoe to defeat, and Sara and the Legends have released Mallus.Four leaders. Four teams. One goal.And justice will reign if it is the last thing the heroes see through.Rewrite of the Arrowverse 2017-2018 season finales. Sixth in The Unmatched Records.***I do not own Supergirl, Arrow, the Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow. They belong to DC Comics and the CW.Cover made by VictoriaKaer
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Most of Bruce Wayne's problems were either solved with his wallet or his fists. But the look that she gave him couldn't be solved with either- face like stone and her stature unwavering. However, he read the teasing message in her eyes loud and clear:"I know something you don't."Which is possibly the worst thing you could say to a man with the title "the World's Greatest Detective."ー[ set in the DCAU universe ][ Bruce Wayne x fem!oc ][ @alexaveil ]
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In which a 25 year old rambunctious fuckgirl, billionaire, genius meets a 26 year old cunning yet calm and collected red head. What could possibly go wrong?Theme Song: NEFFEX - Dangerous18+Minors don't interact. -OC is a intersex lesbian, G!P-Girl x Girl-Natasha x Fem!Wayne!OC*Most Impressive Rank#1 Bruce Wayne 2/25/21#2 Lena Luthor 9/7/21
Wrong Parent (Dick Grayson)

Dick Grayson, after watching his parents fall to his death, is adopted by Slade Wilson or Deathstroke. He becomes his slave and apprentice in which he calls Renegade. When the teen heros stumble into Cadmus, Superboy isn't the only one they find and save. I know this has been overdone, but I still think this would be fum to write!
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Bruce never adopts Dick after his parents die. Instead Dick gets kidnapped by Tony Zucco and taken to a place called Auschwitz, an old concentration camp from World War II. Now it is used to brutally train young, vulnerable kids into committing ruthless crimes for the world's most wanted criminals. Dick grows up being beaten senselessly for holding onto any sanity he has left. Of course Bruce looked for him but after so long everyone told him to move on. What happens when the Young Justice team are set on a mission to Auschwitz? NOTE THAT I DO NOT OWN ANY DC CHARACTERS OR PLACES. AND AUSCHWITZ IS A REAL PLACE IT JUST DOESN'T HAVE THE SAME USE AS MY STORY. THANK YOU :)

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