The Swimming Jack

The Swimming Jack

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Category: Mystery
Jaden and his mom face an brutal Life will Jaden father goones came to their house while Jaden was on his way home.



This story is about a young boy watch his life flourish in front of him... While his mom life being taken away in front of him.

As he manage to scape he was know where to be found in the house.

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He towered over me. His green eyes gazed at me and for a moment I was captivated by them.I cleared my throat. "I need your help to become a good girl"He laughed, his soft melodic laugh filling my ears. How does someone make a laugh sound sexy?"I'm sorry what?""I need your help to become a good girl" I repeated.××Lana McAllister, the bad girl of the school has one task. To be a good girl. Sure it can be simple right? Get good grades, do homework, dress appropriately and no parties. But for Lana this is essentially hard. So she seeks help from someone that's willing to help. Luke West. He has good looks, sits at the front of the class, gets good grades and attends no parties. No one said this was gonna be easy. Especially if you're falling for the wrong guy..××Cover by: Eatsleepswimrepeat_Started updating: 24/9/17Finished updating: 15/8/18Highest rank: #84 teen fiction 29/7/18

"IMMORTAL 2 " E perfunduar✔Vazhdimi.....Armiq te nje gjaku 🩸
Leyendo: Naruto kitsune:divino dxd

Que pasara cuando ciertos personajes se enteren de las aventuras de sus contra-partes ademas de los cambios en algunos hechos de sus vidas contados mediante un libro

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