The Silent Phoenix Warrior

The Silent Phoenix Warrior

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Category: Romance
Born into a powerful family with talent and beauty. Yet every corner was filled with secrets. Secrets that must be kept in the dark at all cost. But what will happen when the trouble arises, and these secrets are being put on the line?

Ming BaiLing, the eldest daughter of General Ming, has beauty and talent like no other in the entire kingdom on Ming. But to the nobles in the capital city, she was nothing more than a daughter who never left the house. However, her time hidden from the world was spent on the battlefield and out doing secret missions. But her fate starts to change after the talk of selecting a crown prince arises within the courts. Will, she still find peace, or must she step out onto a different battlefield?

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Ya oldugun gibi gorun, ya da gorundugun gibi ol !

Kucuk bir kizin basari hikayesi.

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