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Pranking The Prank King

A Shodimu Sophia, Dream_writer11, novelHIGHEST RANKING:#1 IN BADASS#1 IN HUMOUR#1 IN ABUSE#1 IN PRANKSTER#1 IN LOVESTORY#1 IN PAINED#4 IN HIGHSCHOOL#10 IN ROMANCE#10 IN TEENFICTIONA story of a high school girl who has endured a lifetime of abuse. She finds herself entangled in a school where a notorious prankster, who happens to be a wealthy player, reigns supreme. When he pranks her, she fearlessly retaliates, sparking an unexpected romance.Diana KentAfter the tragic death of her father, she was forced to live with her mother. Depression wasn't the best state for the young widow as she inflicted all the pain on her teenage daughter. She ignored all her duties as a mother and it became the responsibility of the child.Dylan KingsBluefall's popular prankster and ladies man, Dylan Kings had all every child his age could wish for. Money, looks, luxury. He was popularly known for pulling pranks on people for the sake of fun. After making a huge mistake by pulling a prank on a nerd and hoping to get away with it, she became the first and only person to plot a revenge against him. Two different lives meet for the sake of a prank. Find out in pranking the prank king.
crom cruach ( the son of glynda goodwitch)

in the rwby universe glynda had a son that is a dragon crom cruach is the only son of glynda goodwitch and great red.due to her son's dragon power crom was taken away from her by her husband great red to train.glynda knew that great red is a dragon god and her son was a heavenly dragon. when great red decide to return crom to his mother. he talk to glynda that he should start his education and it's best that he should be at his mother side. and crpm should take another name. which is jaune arc
Naruto: Strength Through Teaching

Mutsuki traversed into the world of Naruto, becoming an ordinary middle-level ninja teacher at Konoha Ninja School and a member of the Root organization. Fortunately, he awakened the teacher system, allowing him to become stronger through teaching.In order not to become a brainless tool for Danzo, Mutsuki diligently teached to enhance his strength. "The first time completing an A-rated teaching evaluation. reward: Complete Mastery in Fire Chakra Nature Transformation.""Your student Shisui gained +30 chakra after hard training. You gained +60 chakra!"Follow Mutsuki's journey as he reaches the peak of the ninja world with his cheat.
A Muslim Tale

[reached #1 in Spiritual] 11/17/15- 8/18/16Amira Abdul is a bright,well educated girl filled with joy and much potential. Is a practicing Muslim and teaches. Her parents and her love for her religion and is what her life revolves around.Then there's Amir Ali. A good looking educated man who has his own thinking. To him independence means to become a man who takes no help even if that means leaving his fathers company and becoming ceo on his own.When the two are paired up for marriage Amira is faced with a man who seems to have no care for her.Ever hear of "the struggle is real" well thats there relationship. Their marriage life becomes an obstacle and their love becomes stronger. Distance creates a stronger love then you think.Arrange marriages are tough but it's worth fighting for.A wise man once said, 'its better to love the person you marry than to marry the person you love'
Tiger's Mate

When a young werewolf finds himself unable to explain why he feels so much hate for the new mysterious classmate, curiosity and claws get the better of him and soon secrets that neither of them thought to have seen coming are revealed - along with a flood of questions, unexplainable feelings, and dangerous truths.* * * Cold hearted werewolf Ethan Drayre was unrivalled with his cold intimidating personality and reputation for being one of the most dangerous guys in school. He never backed down from a challenge and never lost a fight. Almost everyone in the school knew not to mess with him.Almost.Because when new student - and rising talk of the school - Katski Black shows up one day, seemingly out of nowhere, there's an undeniably challenging aura about him that Ethan can't ignore. And quickly enough, a mutual feud is formed between the two of them that quickly brings problems on both sides.But why does Ethan have a feeling there's more to Katski than he lets on? And what happens when discovering Katski's secret ends up dragging Ethan into more trouble than either or them ever bargained for?It seems tigers and wolves aren't the only thing on the hunt...[Temp. Title > still trying to think of something more creative ;D]* * *A/NIncludes: Werewolf/action/romance/humour/adventure/fiction/lgbtq/and swearing < blame Ethan (mostly)This is more so just a story to vent fluff + plot XD #17 tiger 12.12.2020#18 onthrun 07.23.2020#6 werecat 01.29.2021#3 gaylove 07.27.2021#1 weretiger 10.06.2020#1 lgbt 07.27.2021#1 shapeshifter 08.14.2021
Urban Legends and Creepy Stories

If you like a nice horror read than this is a book for you.This is a collection of old urban legends of all countries and creepy stories written by many people. Some may be true, some may be false, you never know what is ahead. Updated once a week, with quick reads. This is a book for those who love the creeps.A/N: None of the stories belong to me, all credits go to the rightful owners.
Lucifer's Possession (boyxboy)βœ”οΈ

COMPLETED Jeremy is the typical good kid who doesn't have a single bad bone in his body. So when he suddenly dies at the hands of another, it's a surprise when he wakes up in Hell. Now, Jeremy must plead to the creatures of Hell that he is as innocent as he says, but Lucifer Morningstar seems determined to keep him in his realm. Started: 01/10/19Ended: 30/01/20The COVER is by the lovely @m-blackhart ! Make sure to check out their profile**THIS BOOK CONTAINS A GAY RELATIONSHIP AND HEAVEN/HELL STUFF, IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEN DON'T CLICK**(This is not a fanfiction)
Loved And Hated

"We want you home Sorella" Mason said to me."I couldn't give two shits what you want." I said back. He looked pissed. I could feel someone coming towards me with a needle aimed at my neck.Elijah and Everly are two identical twin girls. Elijah was suppose to be a boy, but kept the name nether the less. They look the exact same, except for the eyes. Eli has her Fathers, whereas Everly has her Mothers.Their parents loved the twins, Well Everly. Her mum and step-dad hated Elijah with a passion. Whereas Everly was treated like a princess, Elijah was treated like something on the back of their shoe. Until one day, they both got called into the office to find out they both died in a car crash. Everly cried as Elijah sat stone-faced.They also find out that they have five older brothers. Five Controlling and annoying older brothers with a huge secret of their own.Not forgetting that Eli refuses to become part of their life. Everly is enough for them in her eyes.Will Elijah survive on her own?Or will her brothers drag her home?And will she stay?Badass- #1Twins - #1 Running - #1Mafiaprincess - #1Brothers - #1Brother - #1Father-daughter - #1Family - #4 out of 246k stories

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Book Two in Her Destiny Series ||| ❝And when the past becomes present; the cost of war is blood.❞ β–«β–«β–«β–« β–«β–«β–«β–« β–«β–«β–«β–« When the world had declared her dead, an unlikely pack came to her rescue. They gave her a second chance and they helped her heal from the wounds of her past. It was fate that saved her. Now, several months later, she thinks that everything is over but little does she know. Everyone has their story and some are filled with despair. Amidst struggling to discover herself, her past comes back with vengeance and she is forced to rise up against it. Old enemies and new allies, she is caught up in a war that doesn't just affect her own life. Her name is Reeve and her story continues. β–«β–«β–«β–« β–«β–«β–«β–« β–«β–«β–«β–«This book CANNOT be read without reading Book One, Her Fated Destiny.A werewolf book that is far from cliche. ⌦ WARNING! This book contains dark emotions and themes, disturbing and graphic content, language, emotional triggers, spelling mistakes, and possible plot holes. Read at your own risk! ⌫ β–«β–«β–«β–« β–«β–«β–«β–« β–«β–«β–«β–« Cover is made by me. Copyright Β© 2018-2021 Josie Marie Any relation to other stories or characters is entirely coincidental and not intentional.

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An Outside Force: Vol. 2 | Black Panther/ Spiderman:Homecoming

|SEQUEL TO ALLURING FORCES |After being adopted by the crown, Alyx Eriksen has to adapt to royal life while T'Challa has to adapt to his new role as king, all while that role is threatened. After long debates Alyx is sent back to school and reunited with her former best friend, whom haven't seen each other sense they kicked the crap out of each other.

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Newsies One Shots

One Shots of Newsies characters[REQUESTS CLOSED]

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Are You Shitting Me? | OHSHC Fanfic

π™ˆπ™–π™¨π™˜ π™π™šπ™–π™™π™šπ™§ 𝙓 π™Šπ™ƒπ™Žπ™ƒπ˜Ύ 𝚈/𝙽'𝚜 πšπšžπš–πš‹πšŠπšœπšœ πšŠπš—πšπš’πšŒπšœ πš–πšŠπš—πšŠπšπšŽπš 𝚝𝚘 𝚐𝚎𝚝 him πšœπšžπšŒπš”πšŽπš πš’πš—πšπš˜ πšπš‘πšŽ πš πš˜πš›πš•πš 𝚘𝚏 π™Ύπšžπš›πšŠπš— π™·πš’πšπš‘ πš‚πšŒπš‘πš˜πš˜πš• π™·πš˜πšœπš π™²πš•πšžπš‹!---------------‼️Note: Y/n is AFAB, and goes by she/her in the beginning of the book however he struggles with finding himself and does end up identifying as a man towards the future ! This book has grown with I and since Y/n is inspired by me, he went through the trans pipline with me too lol‼️

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His Rejected SideChick/ Completed.

"Come on, don't be so shy." he pulled me back in his lap, the contact between our bodies was oddly terrifying. He knew the type of girl I was and I expected him to take it slow. "Tucker please someone will see us." I looked around in fear, how can he be so chill about it while his parents and sister were at home. If his father sees us like this, we are dead."Lemme see your body." he whispered in my ear and my body contracted, I wasn't used to such wordings, damn I hadn't seen couples kissing in movies."Tucker, not now." I tried to pull myself away from him but he was holding me tightly. I felt him breathing on my neck and it didn't feel right."Tucker stop." everything escalated when he grabbed my face and forced me to turn my neck to him so he can kiss me, he was forcing me for my first kiss."Tucker enough!" I yelled, getting out of his touch and pushing him away as he got up and tried to reach back for me. "What the hell?" his facial expressions hardened, never have I ever considered being rude to him. I have always tried not to hurt him and to gain his attention I have even tolerated people who bullied me. "This isn't right. You need to tell your family first." I was hesitant to look in his eyes, pulling down my shirt and mending myself, I looked down."You pushed me away? Tucker Arch?" He announced in a bitter tone. I expected him to apologize for his behavior but it didn't seem like he felt bad at all, "you should have been considering yourself lucky to be with me right now." He gritted his teeth, it was hard to erase the shock from my face. I walked near him to hug him gently, even though when I was really a shy person, I was ready to calm him down the way he wanted me to."Hands off!" he slapped my hand away,"No! now you will approach me, you will kiss me. You will show me your body and then, only then I will forgive you." I was taken aback by his statement, doesn't he love me? are you supposed to do this to your lover?

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Heart beats

When your love of your life meets with an accident and lost his life and you are carrying his child. What will you do. And after few years those all things again started to do with you and your heart again started with those crazy heart beats. because of title don't think it is about doctor😜

14 1 1

A contagious disease had swept earth, unfortunately taking countless lives, including the queen. Avon, still mourning her mothers death must confront the duties of caring for her people, along with unknown feelings for her guard Max. When her father marries a Notorious queen from a strange country, bringing two daughters, everything changes.

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A Shattering Admiral (One Piece)

The worst sin a Marine could do is to fall in love with a pirate. But what if it was the other way around? Monkey D. Luffy has eyes for only one; The Navy Admiral Pinkusagi! Could it have something to do with her explosive nature that drew the boy's attention? Or her kind personality? But Admiral Pinkusagi will never accept the boy's feeling due to following her own Justice: Shattering Justice and because of her hatred for pirates that she shares with her fiancΓ©."Why would Dragon's son and the deranged old man's Grandson love me?!" Pinkusagi sneered looking at his bounty poster with narrowed eyes hands threatening to release an explosion to destroy the paper in her hands. Her fiancΓ© sighed "Whether or not he is still the most dangerous threat along with Fire Fist." he said with a grim murderous look "If he thinks pirate scum like him can come along and steal my fiancΓ©.." he took a moment to let out a puff of smoke from his cigar "Then he's got more than death to look forward too." Pinkusagi nodded "Which means Monkey D. Luffy..." she trailed as her eyes landed on the bounty paper in her hand "..Must be eliminated." they both finished The Pink Admiral released her devil fruit powers and destroyed his wanted poster into oblivion. (Latest updates on Quotev)

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Why Don't We oneshots boyxboy!

BoyxBoy one-shots about the wdw boys!Requests are welcome!Can be every ship!

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Valentine Possibilities

While Fareeha Amani (Pharah) awaiting for her date to arrive, she takes her time reflecting on things. (Short-short story)

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