The Rose & Her Thorn

The Rose & Her Thorn

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Category: Romance
"I will accept your resignation but under one condition," said Vikram Singhal, playing with the paperweight akin to the manner he was playing with the woman trembling in fury.

"And why are you under the impression that I will respect that condition, SIR?"

Shikha feigned determination, knowing that if Vikram Singhal wanted something, he would get it by hook or by crook. She knew that her words would merely count as feeble and futile efforts of a fawn to fight off the mighty lion and nothing more.

Her shivering form and quivering lips had given away her fears to her predator. His pupils dilated with desire and a lethally addicting ecstasy as he inched closer every moment in fulfilling them.

"You cannot leave the company without serving your notice period, until and unless, you pay me a compensation of โ‚น3,00,000, and as far as I know it is not possible in your case to bring that amount. That leaves you with no choice, but to comply with my wishes," said Vikram. He smirked victoriously at her rattled form.

She inhaled sharply, gathering every bit of strength remaining in her and hoped against the hope that he would not demand what she had imagined.

"What do you want, Sir?"

"You. I want you."

Vikram Singhal, a ruthless and shrewd gangster, ruled the business world under the guise of a business owner and ruled the whole of Uttar Pradesh as a dictator, till he fell for the impressionable Shikha Agarwal after a chance encounter.

Shikha Agarwal, an orphan raised by her elder sister, believed the world was full of beautiful roses like herself, till the thorns of those roses surface in the form of a certain Vikram Singhal.

They were two different worlds which had clashed because of his obsession, but will they ever merge to create one beautiful world for themselves?

*Slow burn. Not a submissive heroine.

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