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Heaven Warrior

"Just fight a little while longer baby boy.""I'm tired."
Fanaa - Destroyed in Love (Short stories/scenes)

(n.) destruction of the self; "destroyed in love"A collection of short stories, excerpts, scenes I write. Probably going to be super sappy and sometimes corny.
Transmigrated as the ill 2nd Prince (BL)

Kenta Bernard, a seventeen-year-old, died of leukemia in the hospital and was reincarnated in a novel that he has yet to finish. He is the ill second prince, who should have died by now. However, the God of Light bestowed upon him a light magic that enabled him to survive and begin a new, happier life.

Yandere X Fem!ReaderYour sweet boyfriend hides a sour secret and a loving bitter taste for gore.
အမိန့်တော် (Completed)

18+ ပါဝင်မှုများမှာ ဖြစ်လို့ မဖတ်ချင်တဲ့သူများရှိရင် ကျော်သွားလို့ရပါတယ်ရှင်
Ben 10: My Hero Academia - Season 1

Ben Tennyson, a quirkless middle school student who only wanted to be a hero. throughout his life a question keeps entering his mind, "If you could change the course of your life, what would you change?". In the world where quirkless people are a dime a dozen, Ben sadly has to deal with constant rejection of his dream. He will soon find a way to prove all the naysayers wrong and become a Hero even without a quirk. All with the help of a alien device that stuck itself upon his wrist.... It's Hero Time!!!I do not own any art, videos, or music used in this story, unless I created it myself.-My Hero Academia is owned by Kohei Horikoshi-Ben 10 is owned by Man Of Action#1 Tag:#1 in Bentennyson - March 30th 2023#1 in Minaashido - April 10th 2023#1 in Omnitrix - May 4th 2023#1 in Eijirokirishima - May 14th 2023

These characters are not mine! They belong to kaaatie on YouTube Fundamental paper education fandom!!Started: 4-11-2024
Cry For Me, Scream 5 and 6.

Lisa Roberts, Jill Robert's younger sister. When Jill was a killer in the 2011 WoodsBoro murders, Jill let her baby sister survive, knowing only herself was gonna take care of her. After 11 years pass, new murders start and a couple of Lisa's friends are targeted and they think it's her. Is it Lisa? Who would die? And who will live?

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Lisa's Diaries- My Single Life

How do you even know when you find the right person? Someone please tell me. They say you will know, its just that feeling you get. Well I've gotten that feeling plenty of times and it never works out. Until that night when the suave, sultry, gorgeous Donovan made a stain in my single life. But can I forget the pain of the past? He could hurt me just like others before. How do I forgive? Do I move on? Do I accept my terminally single life? My name is Lisa and this is my single life.

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LGBTQ+ Tumblr Textposts

this was written in like 2016-2017 so ignore the outdated references 😟😟Collection of lgbtq+ tumblr posts

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[Midwinter] Nozel Silva x Reader

It was the cold and darkness that tore them apart, but the same things brought them back together through the backbone of a war.(y/n) Faust, the Empress of Shadow, hasn't stepped foot in the Clover Kingdom after the events that her once-husband Nozel Silva forced her though.But now that the Spade kingdom has decided to rage a war on the other three kingdoms, she must join ranks with the person she hates the most to bring daylight to the darkness grasping everyone.[Chapter length ranges from 1.5-2.6k words.]/ Slight Zenon Zogratis x Reader \

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Shades of Villainy: A Collection of Isekai Tragic Romance Poems

Shades of Villainy is a collection of poems that explores the world of isekai and tragic romance through the lens of villainess characters. Each poem presents a unique story of a woman who has been summoned to another world, only to find herself thrust into a life of villainy and darkness.As these women navigate their new realities, they find themselves falling in love with powerful men who are often their enemies. The poems in Shades of Villainy explore the complex emotions of love, power, and the struggle to find one's place in a world that seems determined to keep them on the wrong side of the story.Through their words, the characters in this collection reveal the human side of villainy and the heartbreak of love that cannot be. Shades of Villainy is a must-read for fans of isekai stories, tragic romance, and anyone who loves exploring the darker side of fantasy.

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Megumi x Y/n | Set In Stone

Megumi and Y/n were two sorcerers drawn together by a common factor; a cursed loved one. Everything seems to be going smoothly while training to be Jujutsu sorcerers until a mission in which they have to collect a cursed finger...•°✧────✧°• - Slow(ish) burn- Fluff- Action- Y/n's pronouns are they/them•°✧────✧°• 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆- Mild swearing- A little spicy sometimes- Mild gore- Might get sad afHope you enjoy the story :)

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Robots, Monsters, Boogers, and Crazy Bionic Toddlers

Mark Walker's new girlfriend is a single mom. (Mech-X4 Mark/OC One-Shot Series)

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Frozen Thoughts

Frozen Thoughts is a short nonfiction piece about facing changes in your life.

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Plot-Madison, Rocky, and Harmony were all best friends and they weren't really that popular. Noah,Jackson,and Bradyn were all friends and they were the bad boys. One day they were all pulled to the office for a surprise they had to live together! The boys and girls did not like each other so their parents thought it would be a good idea for them. Will relationships happen or will it get worse? Read to find out.

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¿Dónde se busca al eterno compañero de vida? Aquel que te empuja a florecer, que te hace crecer en el silencio y te enseña caminos con la palabra. Con quién se enfríe el café y se haga de día mientras exploras el mundo desde la silla de una cafetería. Qué bonitas son las cafeterías.¿Dónde está ese hombre argentino para mí, que quiera enseñarme su diógenes cultural, que me haga morirme de hambre porque el último céntimo lo dejamos en un libro de Nietzsche?Si no es más que una simple necesidad biológica, en qué momento yo me envolví en un hombre. Mamá me he enamorado de un hombre! Mamá el biologicismo patriarcal tenía razón, nos llenamos el pecho de saliva al verles ser masculinos.No quiero que sepan cocinar, quiero que sepan ponerme un enchufe.Qué deriva.

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Then There Was You

An opportunity to spend time together brings Adrien and Marinette closer. While Nathalie hopes this new relationship will be good for Adrien, she is suspicious as to what Gabriel is planning for them, and what he is hiding from her.Cover image edit by @bootybug on InstagramRanked number 1 #adrienette - January 9, 2021Ranked number 2 #mlbfanfic - April 4, 2020Ranked number 3 #miraculousfanfiction - June 21, 2020

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