The Roommates

The Roommates

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Blair Fairbanks is excited to finally be going away to college. She's ready to learn, have fun, make new friends, and live on her own in the dorms.

Wesley Foster is a playboy who cares more for hooking up with girls then earning his college degree.

When the two accidentally get paired as dorm roommates, the two clash. Blair does not want Wesley as a roommate, and Wesley will tease her at any chance he can. Then when switching dorms is impossible, the two are forced to learn how to live together, forming a crazy memories and a bond that may just make them want to be more than just roommates.

**THIS IS UNEDITED: So yes there may be some grammar and spelling errors. I apologize, but will eventually get to editing it.*****

Highest Ranking: #134 in Teen Fiction!! :)

SHOUTOUT: Shoutout to @Leighabear0625 for the amazing, amazing cover on front! Go follow her for stories and covers! :)
Shoutout to @Java_Bean for the amazing cover they made me that's on the first chapter! Follow them!! :)
Shoutout to @ButterfliesFlyAway for the amazing covers they gave me in chapter 2! Follow them! :)

Rated PG-13 for mild language and sexual content.

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