The Revenge.

The Revenge.

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Category: Romance
"wait Cameron" she yells, i stop in my tracks and turn and face her with tears streaming down my face.


"i didnt mean to say that" she says in a low voice that is barley above a whisper.

"DIDNT MEAN TO SAY WHAT? CALL ME A FAT FREAK, WELL IT SURE AS HELL CAME OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MOUT- you know what i dont care, im over you and everyone else, when i come back you'll regret everything you and you're friends did i swear to you." and with that i walk away.

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Not mature. Rated it to prevent it being posted on teen sites.Cringy unedited first draft that I, as the writer, don't have the heart to read again. I cannot edit it, too busy, so I keep writing ahead. Read at your own risk and responsibility, knowing it's a first draft that didn't go through any alpha/beta reader.I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone honestly.You would see improvement as you go through the episodes, but the starting cannot be changed now.Thankyou for reading this & maybe a thankyou in case you read the story too😮‍💨Trigger WarningsDomestic ViolenceChild AbuseRapeSexual Assault & HarrassmentSuicide / Self HarmCharacters & Expectations so you don't blame me.Dr Hoor x Dr Ahil[ Slow Burn x Enemies to Lovers x Grumpy x Sunshine IT.IS.SLOW.BURN. Do not read if you want a confession and romance between them especially in 20 episodes. 80 episodes are written and there's no romance between them till now and there won't be either for a few more episodes.]Dr Ayaan x Wania [ Father of Two & A Mother of Three. They're married for the sake of kids and their life has many problems & being romantic is the last one. Don't expect romantic talks. Thankyou.]Raima x Hassan[ A traumatic Past Grumpy with a Sunshine Boy. She's not into romantic talks & they make her uncomfortable.]Dr Yumna x Hadeed - Discontinued ( I am not writing these characters anymore)[ Cringey And Romantic.]
𝐁𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞~♡

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short novel 18+write by : ប៊ីរ៉ូស (កុលាបខ្មៅ)

He was gigantic.The 7'0 monster of a man towered over her, even though he was sitting. Bright cyan eyes gazed down at her unreadably. He gestured with his large fingers for her to come closer. She'd anxiously waddle up to him.His bare chest was on full display. Long, complex tattoos covered his right peck and entire arm. A language she didn't understand was written all along it. She was squeezing her thighs together and studying his manly appearance like a whimpering dog in heat.She could only squeal when he settled his hands on her hips and hauled her onto his lap.------------------------Suffering from severe amnesia, a woman wakes up cold and alone in a forest. She doesn't know where she is, how she got here, or who she even is.She's fortunate that a nearby community finds her and takes her in, where she meets a silent and... clingy... brute.
A R R O G A N T ✅ Completed

ငါမာနက တားတယ် ၊ မင်းကိုချစ်တယ်လို ဖွင့်ပြောဖို့ ။
✅🌼🏵️My sweet physician wife call the shot🍓🍓

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belongs to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.Disclaimer: If this novel is yours, please let us share this novel to everyone else and send us your credit. We display your credit to this novel! If you don't please tell us too, We respect your decisionAuthor: Originsource: box novelDescription"Zhong Nuannuan, your charges have been withdrawn. The courts have declared you innocent and pronounced you not guilty for murder. You can leave prison now. Your family is waiting for you in the waiting room outside." Zhong Nuannuan was startled. She pushed the female prison guard to the side and ran toward the waiting room. She did not even bother to put on her shoes. If not for the icy feeling she felt at every step of the way reminding her that this was not a dream, Zhong Nuannuan would not have believed that she had resurrected.As she burst through the doors and saw him again, she knew in her heart, that this time she would get it right. This time she would cherish him properly and hopefully, just hopefully, turn her own fate around.
Islamically Ever After

We all want our own 'happily ever after' and I was no different. I aspired to be like Khadija (ra), the wife of prophet Muhammad (saw) strong, faithful and caring for her husband. I wanted to be his everything, his rock, his shoulder to lean on and his best friend. I wanted someone who would complete my deen, love me unconditionally and care for me but up until then the only romance in my life would had to have been my relationship with ice cream. I wanted a love story that would move people to tears, that would be passionate and extraordinary. And boy did I get one...
Magic for Marigold (1929)

*** This story belongs to Lucy Maud Montgomery. I don't own anything.

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Sai Đem Thái Tử Đương Vị Hôn PhuTác giả: Thất Bôi TửuConverter: ❄TieuQuyen28❄Thẩm Vọng Thư làm cơn ác mộng, mộng chính mình là trong thoại bản nam chính chỉ phúc vi hôn biểu muội, chỉ là nam chủ mất tích nhiều năm,Nàng bị kẻ xấu quá chén đưa đến Thái tử trên giường, bị bắt trở thành hắn cơ thiếp, bị hắn tù nhân tại Đông cung, sau này cũng bởi vì ám sát Thái tử, bị hạ lệnh chậm giết.Nàng chết nhường nam chủ biểu ca cùng Thái tử thế cùng đối địch.Vì thay đổi vận mệnh, Thẩm Vọng Thư chuẩn bị tránh đi Thái tử, tìm về mất tích nhiều năm biểu huynh.Ký Châu ngoài thành, nàng dựa vào đính hôn ngọc bội nhận ra bản thân bị trọng thương biểu huynh, đem hắn tiếp về đến dốc lòng chăm sóc, đối với hắn quan tâm đầy đủ, chuẩn bị đến niên kỷ liền thực hiện hôn ước, từ đây trôi chảy vô ưu sống hết một đời.Chỉ là không đúng lắm là, biểu huynh tính tình kiêu căng thô bạo, coi mạng người như cỏ rác, cùng nàng tưởng tượng không giống, đổ cùng kia Thái tử có vài phần tương tự. . .May mà tại nàng quan tâm hạ, biểu huynh nhìn xem ánh mắt của nàng cũng từ âm ngoan cảnh giác biến thành ôn nhu cưng chiều, giúp nàng che chở nàng.Không ngờ sau này, một hồi trên yến hội. . .'Biểu huynh' cẩm la ngọc y, ở địa vị cao, quần thần đối với hắn cúi đầu lễ bái, hô to 'Thái tử vạn an.'Thẩm Vọng Thư: ". . . Nhặt, nhặt lầm người, cứu mạng QAQ "Nàng suốt đêm thu dọn đồ đạc chuẩn bị chạy trốn, không ngờ đế đô ngoài thành, cấm quân tầng tầng vòng vây, Thẩm Vọng Thư bị bắt vừa vặn.Thái tử cười không chút

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The friendship of Lord Krishna and the Pandava Prince Arjuna is an eternal edict which has flowed throughout the ups and downs of their lives. Their bond so deep that none could fathom where it starts and where is the end. Then what so unbelievably grave had happened, that could've made Madhusudhana rip apart the very bond he had, time and again claimed, was unbreakable, eternal, the most beloved, to him? And can Arjuna even endure this separation from the one who had always possessed his very spirit, the one whom he had followed unfailingly, undoubted, unflinching, all his life? The one whom he had worshipped? Sometimes a single change in a sequence of events can start a cascade of dominos which can very well shatter the final picture presumed. The Great War of Mahabharata had already commenced. The Pandavas and the Kauravas have clashed in an epic battle of brains and brawn over a blood soaked Kurukshtra. The conclusion of this savage fight is for establishing the ultimate Dharmarajya and reclaim justice for heinous evil wreaked for power. But what will the future of Aryavarta look like, now that her greatest warrior's future, remains uncertain.Cover Credit: - @that_sarcasric_girl

5.6K 12 266
𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑- 𝕿𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕱𝖆𝖒𝖊 ✍

As I walked out of the audition hall, I looked at the blonde bitch and sang a line from that guy's song.RYLY?No...HRVY"𝓓𝓸𝓷'𝓽 𝓽𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓵"And the truth was, I did it perfectly.Or, my inexperienced ass, which is used to ao3, writing a teen fame story...Oh jeez.

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