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"Hello. This is the rejection hotline. If you were given this number, it means that the person you received this from is not interested in you whatsoever and got so fed up that they gave you my number instead of rejecting you. May I ask where you got this number so I can help you understand why you got rejected?"

Cover by @LatonaGraphics

#2 in kth wtfff how did this even happen thank you all

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For Rachel lolSave the enviroment y'allI don't wanna die yet. Totally unrelated but whatever.
My Obsession with Chloe Claire: BOOK ONE

TO BE PUBLISHED LATE 2020 OR EARLY 2021Award Winning Novel of The Creativity Awards in 1st Place of ChickLitWhen Luke Armstrong got accepted into the University of Alabama, he didn't think much about what was in store in him. He only had two things on his mind. One) be the best damn wide receiver Coach Braxton had ever seen, and two) win back the heart of his childhood best friend, Chloe Claire. The only things that are keeping them apart? Their friends and one dirty little lie.My Obsession with Chloe Claire is a cheesy new adult novel that is sure to leave you cringing, laughing, and relating to its two main characters: Luke Armstrong and Chloe Claire. It is a classic curvy girl meets popular guy with an unexpected twist. It contains a sweet romance, unrequited love, true friendship, and a lesson not to judge a book by its cover.WARNING: You fill fall completely in love with good guy Luke Armstrong, who most of us wish was actually real (I know I sure do). UPDATES: Will update every Friday! Keep in mind this is a first draft of the story, and is only the first book in the Obsession series!BOOK ONE of the Obsession Series!
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(Book 7) Hikari goes with Sora, Donald and Goofy to embark on a new journey to unlock her true power of the Princess of Kingdom Hearts and help Sora recover the power of waking. Elsewhere... Riku and King Mickey goes on their mission to rescue Aqua in the realm of darkness.On a new mission, Sora, Hikari, Riku, Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, Haya, Kairi and Lea must gather the Seven Guardians of Light to defeat Master Xehanort. They journey throughout worlds and cross paths with members of the real Organization XIII. Hikari learns about her parents' survival from Young Xehanort in Toy Box and faces the return of Vanitas in Monstropolis. Riku and King Mickey learns about the New Seven Hearts from Marluxia in Kingdom of Corona and Larxene in Arendelle. Lea recognizes Luxord in The Caribbean and Kairi thinks that Riku Replica in San Fransokyo is Riku from the past.Soon... after returning to the realm of light and no longer a vessel due to the real Organization XIII having another ally in their ranks, Aqua and Terra, with the help of Sora, Hikari, Riku, King Mickey, Donald and Goofy, must save Ventus from Vanitas. Soon after Ventus was awake, thanks to Sora's power of waking, the Seven Guardians of Light are completed and ready to face Master Xehanort and the real Organization XIII at the Keyblade Graveyard.Next stories continue as Hikari travels back in time to rescue her mother in ReMind and Sora, Hiromi and Riku's clues to search for Hikari in Melody of Memory.The scenes contains spoilers from KH3, ReMind and Melody of Memory. Most scenes will contain romantic/kissing scenes and sad/tragic scenes. And also rewritten version of KH3, ReMind and Melody of Memory.Shipping: Sora x Kairi, Riku x Naminé, Ventus x OC, Terra x Aqua, Roxas x XionData Greeting pics and artworks made by meKingdom Hearts (c) Disney/Square Enix
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sin·fulˈsinfəl/adjectiveadjective: sinful wicked and immoral; committing or characterized by the committing of sins.Sin is the name my mother gave me. She was convinced that from the day I was born I would cause nothing trouble. She was right, from the moment I was conceived I had been an act of sin. Sin was who I was and what I did. I remember growing up my mom would always say, "Things don't change, people change, but you Sin will always be who you are." I couldn't deny it and I wouldn't but if anything I always knew that I could be someone else, someone besides Sin.

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|| Noona Saranghae || Bts X Yoona FF. Hiatus

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I Killed My Brother

Austin Henderson.An 8 year old boy with all charm and A grades. Girls fawn over him, boys envy him.Amanda Henderson.A year younger than Austin. She's the cool one to hang out with, all rainbows and sunshine.But behind those smiles hides a deep unyielding loath for her brother.Till one day a mare accident turns her life upside down. From all rainbows and sunshine to rain and storms.

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