The Real Ram

The Real Ram

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Category: Science Fiction
Mankind is evolving. Some love it, some fear it. Some embrace it, some envy it. For Zoey, the evolution of man has always been in the darkest part of her closet. A place no one touches. Only her family knew of her secret, and her stepfather never let the fact that Zoey was different disappear. But with mankind evolving, Zoey will soon figure out her own evolution is about to change more than she wants it too.

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Suan who reincarnated as a passerby no. 2 in a romance novel, a cannon fodder who lacks presence, gloomy and very quiet. Still, he was happy for not dealing with those Protagonist but... Heck?The story seems off? He was expecting the cliche romance trope of the female lead slapping the male lead then 'No body treated me like this, only you' bus progressing to face slapping, official relationship, walk with the parents, marrying, having family, then dying together.Hell with this zombies? Hell with this weird people following him!(?) Hell with this romance novel that soon changed into a modern apocalypse!!!
только мой омега.

хенджин и феликс которые познакомились на вечеринке оказались истинными?что им помешает быть вместе? будут ли они вообще вместе?читайте и узнаете)не забывайте ставить звездочки💋
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I was grabbed by the arm and pinned against the wall, I gasped in shock as I looked up to see the dude from earlier, "what the h-" I was cut off when he placed his finger over my lips and shushed me, "Mine" he growled. yes growled, I mean who growls. Before I could respond, he smashed his lips on to mine and ravished them. Instantly a strange spark ignited inside me, tingles erupted on my lips. I suddenly felt this uncontrollable pull towards him, like he's meant for me. Why do I feel like this? I felt his hands grab my hips and pinned me harder against the wall with his body.Before I knew it I was kissing him back. His hair was wrapped around my fingers as I pulled his lips closer to me. One of his hands stayed on my hip as his other hand, slid down to my thigh, his thumb, rubbing circles in a spot, sending shivers up and down my leg. His tongue swept into my mouth, exploring the interior. My eyes widened when I felt something very prominent against my stomach. I pushed him away and I began to panic. Suddenly, the sound of my smack against his cheek filled the empty hallway.
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Due to popular demand and requests, I have finally decided to do it.Thanks to @Exotic_Animator for making this story. It's hasn't been updated for a while, so I'll do it myself. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka has been cursed (blessed) by The God of Love who accidentally linked Ayanokouji and 100 different girls/women. They are to become soulmates bounded by love and fate. If their relationship with Ayanokouji fails, the girls are fated to die in an accident. It's a matter of life or death. Will Ayanokouji survive ANHS with 100 potential soulmates waiting for him? Will he get his wish of a peaceful and ordinary life? Disclaimer: This story is a fanfiction. The original story and characters are owned by Kinugasa Shōgo (Classroom of the Elite)The story was inspired by the manga series "100 Girlfriends who really, really, really, really, really love you" by Nakamura Rikito Disclaimer: I haven't caught to the 100 girlfriends manga (so, I might take some of scenes from it, but all characters are from COTE)
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WATTPAD EDITORS' CHOICE | CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE NOVEL | This story is the original version of SPY DUST. It will be published under the SPY DUST on the 15th of December 2023 | On a blustery winter night in London, Sophie Akehurst stands behind the counter of the Savoy's Beaufort Bar. An enigmatic Russian accompanied by a retinue of armed bodyguards arrives, orders a drink which he doesn't touch and leaves behind a crumpled copy of the New York Times. Before Sophie can clear it away, an equally mysterious guest picks up the newspaper and vanishes out of sight.Unaware that she has inadvertently stumbled into a sprawling counter-intelligence operation against the top echelons of the Russian mafia, Sophie becomes a target.Soon she finds herself in the power of an elusive baron of the secret arms trade who is about to join the elite circle of men who rule over the world's most potent criminal empire, but he proves himself to be a man of many faces - and just as many secrets. Genres: spy fiction | espionage thriller | political thriller | spy thriller | mafia romance | mafia thriller | romantic suspense | mystery | Dark mafia romance

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A horse ranch. That's where I lived at least. I know, not very exciting to those of you who don't care for this life or think it's all about work. But let me tell you, you're actually quite wrong. It's a very exciting job and the best part is is that I get to work with one of my favorite animals every day. Horses. I know I wouldn't want to have any other life than this.One night though, everything changed. I had gotten lost somewhere in the woods in the middle of the mountains with my horse Storm. Usually I knew exactly where I was going and where I was but my horse had gotten spooked and raced far into the mountains. I tried slowing Storm down but he wouldn't. I became lost with no idea where to go and that's when he showed up. He claimed that I was his mate and I was to be his forever.Thinking he was crazy, I turned Storm around to start running but imagine my surprise when he raced ahead of me and changed into a wolf right in front of my eyes. Effectively kidnapping me and taking me with him to his home, or prison I might say.This is my story and what happened when I was taken by the Alpha.

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Naruto had brung back the "Last Uchiha" Sasuke back to konoha bloodied only to be banished for "Hurting" their "Precious Uchiha" injured and unconscious. What the council didn't know was that most of the blood on Sasuke wasn't even his to begin with. However a week later, Shikamaru has vanished not leaving a trace after.Three years passed and the Chūnin exams are in full swing, But the said clan to have been rebuilt after it's downfall has joined with their Uzukage and Advisor being mysterious to no end. The duo come back to konoha, but not in the way anyone expected, well maybe the duo.Ranked: #1 in Uzushiogakure - 1/16/23Ranked: #1 in Shikanaru - 5/13/23Ranked: #1 in Banished Naruto - 5/9/23Started: 11/27/22Finished: 5/5/23

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Они играют нами в свои игры. Наша ненависть друг к другу - всего лишь правила их игры, не больше и не меньше. Тысячи лет наши армии рубят друг друга в жестоких сражениях только лишь для одного. Чтобы им не было скучно.

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