The Quiet One

The Quiet One

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I was so sad this night was going to end, and I'll have to go back to being myself again. But if I only get to have this kind of night once, I was going to end with a bang,

My blue eyes moved up to meet his beautiful green eyes. I leaned in and he followed me slowly than before I knew it my lips were touching his. He slowly and softly moved his lips with mine as we continued to move to the music. Our lips danced rhythmically with us.

Pulling away I smiled at the light feeling in my chest as he pulled me into his chest.

Plan get my first kiss, has succeeded.
Dawn Corral has always been the quiet one, the one with perfect grades but doesn't speak a word to anyone but her best friend Kat. Out of school, she has a natural talent for dance and for murdering alarm clocks.
Jack Mornwall is a rebellious, confident and dangerous bad boy. He is also one of Dawn's brother's "sketchy" friends. It was easy for her to avoid him but now he's everywhere she turns from school to her house. Will she be able to escape this bad boy?

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The Quiet One- Completed
The Loud One- Ongoing updates

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