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Category: Historical
Chitra, has always been the forgotten princess, neither the king nor the kingdom remembers her, probably as her mother was never a royal. Her life was never peaceful with all the royal drama in it and all she ever dreams is an escape from this palace and the love and respect she never got.

Arjuna, king of a strong and powerful kingdom Abhiras. All he ever requires is power and prosperity of his kingdom and love? Such words doesn't exist in his life. But the kingdom requires a Queen and he requires a queen as powerful as him.

With a greater love comes the strongest weakness. A story of true love of a forgotten princess and a valorous king, can their love withstand the palace politics?

Can the princess prove herself to be righteous and a brave queen?


#2 in Historical Fiction ( 5-9-2020 )
#1 in India (15-8-2020)
#1 in WattpadIndia (9-8-2020)
#2 in husband ( 4-5-2020 )
#2 in Wife ( 13-6-2020 )
#3 in Indian ( 5-6-2020 )

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