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Category: Teen Fiction
Skylar Morgan a 23 year old beautiful blond cheerleader, is what people see when they first look at her. but what they don't see is that Sky has had a hard life, she's had to work her self to the point of exhaustion just to get where she is now. which is where she has always wanted to be since she was thirteen. A part of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Nolan Sanders or as people call him Sanders is 24 and is the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys. he was the fifth draft pick two years ago. And has been tearing up the league ever since, but Sanders is missing something. he's missing that one person to share all his success with.

what happens after the two meet for the first time? will it be love at first sight or will it be a struggle?

please read at your own risk as this isn't edited.

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