The Punk's Bride

The Punk's Bride

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Category: Romance
''Enough!'' He yelled, locking the door after them.
''Open the damn door.'' she commanded, he was mistaking her with those girls he treats like a shi*
''You have shown enough attitude, I can't wait no more now.'' his voice stuttered, he sounded drunk.
''Open the door or I will start yelling.'' she was scared inside now,
''No one is gonna hear you.'' He uttered,
''Look,'' her back hit the wall and a smirk appeared his face. He was an inch away from her now.
''No, you look, no one will ever know what happened behind these closed doors. Just a quick session, what you say?'' his voice touched my skin. It was a mistake to believe him, he was no better than a pervert. His hand touched her cheek, making her jump in scare.
''How dare you?'' she shouted, slapping across his cheek. Her blood boiled the instant he touched her. His raced breaths were all she could hear. He pointed his finger at the wall, there was a camera settled on the wall.
''lets see how everyone sees you after this night Miss Perfect Alexis Donovan.'' He rushed, grabbing her hands and pulled her on the bed.
She has never been this scared, all her prestige and her image was going to be ruined after this night. She feared, her grandpa can't take it but he had already crawled over her.

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