The Players' Love

The Players' Love

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Category: Teen Fiction
When Riley Seager moves to a new town she finds out they have no softball team. Deciding this won't stop her she talked to the necessary people and managed a spot in baseball tryouts. What happens at tryouts definitely doesn't stay at tryouts, and soon Riley is flipped upside down in a new place.
Kayden Walker is your typical jock, and player, but what else did you expect? His good grades don't hide his bad attitude nor his player ways. He gets what he wants when he wants, but when his spot on the team is jeopardized by a newcomer he tries to defend what's his.


"Love? Riley who is Travis?" He stepped closer.

I found myself trying to talk but no words came out, I couldn't believe I was in this position. Kayden advanced forwards and pushed me against the locker, an arm on each side of me caging me in.

He put his nose in the crook of my neck, kissing my neck with soft delicate kisses working his way up to my ear where he tugged on my earlobe gently, "You're all mine princess, and no one else's."




** This is a short story for my own writing, I am no professional so don't come at me. **

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