The Pains Of Being A Royal

The Pains Of Being A Royal

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Being brought up by her adoptive parents Sage Cohen has always questioned and wondered about the identity and whereabouts of her real family. As time passes and Sage turns older she gradually convinces herself that she wasn't wanted by her family.

She is however proven wrong when three bizarre men break into her house in the middle of the night and claim to be her brothers.

Torn between preventing her life from being turned upside down and finding the truth Sage is left with very few choices and many complicated problems.

Can she really give her lost family another chance and will she trust these three mysterious strangers who are determined to put their family back together, by choice or force?

|| ۝ ||

"Maybe." He smiled genuinely taking me by surprise. "But I'm not a serial killer and I don't wish to kill my sister."

"That's another thing that a serial killer would-" my breath suddenly hitches when his words register properly in my brain, my body going numb against the kitchen counter. "What did you just say?"

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