The Other Girl ( Teen Wolf )

The Other Girl ( Teen Wolf )

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Scott's sister Emily gets herself into trouble when she falls for a guy who might cost her more than her heart.

This is a Pg-13 story. It will contain adult material so please be warned.

(JUST TO CLEAR UP SOME STUFF! If you do not watch Teen Wolf you will be able to understand this :) I will explain everything that goes on in the TV show. It is a story about another character I added to my own perspective of the show (Emily) . ENJOY! :)

Updated every 3-5 days :)

I do not own the characters of TV show teen wolf such as Scott, Derek, Allison, Stiles, and so on. I do not own the show teen wolf. I do not own any plots linked to the TV show. I do own my characters such as Emily and her friend Stephanie and Sean.

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