The Opposition

The Opposition

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"The answer is 'A,'" I say, keeping my voice light and kind.

Carter snorts from beside me. "No, it's 'C.'"

Bingo. I was hoping he'd say that. "The question clearly asks you to round to the nearest tenth. If I'm not mistaken, which I don't believe I am, answer 'C' has two decimal places."

I smirk as his mouth twitches into a frown. We're still standing.

"Very well, Miss. Jones," Mr. Neilson says, projecting another question.

"I can't stand you," Carter mumbles in my ear.

I turn my head towards him, pressing my lips against his ear. "Then sit the fuck down, Conners," I whisper. "I'm winning."


Fairridge Prep is for the best of the best.

Sadie Jones, stubborn and clever, is set on being the best. Returning from winter break feeling, more so than ever, that she has stolen her sister's dream, Sadie is determined to spend the rest of Junior year proving that she deserves everything she's worked towards.

Carter Conners, notorious flirt (only when it comes to Sadie), will do anything it takes to not spend the rest of his life working at his parents' diner. Whether it's running for the track team or debating, Carter is always competing, and competing to win.

Sadie and Carter have been rivals since freshman year, constantly bickering and trying to best each other. But when the rivals are thrown into a week long debate competition that, along with getting the top spot on the Principal's List, will guarantee one of them the title of Valedictorian next year, they find themselves enjoying each other's company more than they would've ever expected.

And it leaves them wondering: "Do we really hate each other?"

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