The Necromancer's Daughter

The Necromancer's Daughter

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Category: Fantasy
Two years after Rebecca Quince's death, an evil Necromancer mistakenly resurrects her in the form of his deceased half-witch daughter, Lilian. Armed with powerful spells, potions and an equally potent maternal instinct to protect, Lilian's mother, Lucille Asters, immediately comes to her rescue.

Rebecca resolves to assume Lilian's identity, both to use her witch magic in sewing together fragmented memories of her previous life, and to ensure that Lucille wouldn't abandon her in a world she shouldn't be a part of anymore.

Just as they settle in fragile normalcy, Rebecca's reckless quest to dig up the past brings them dangerously close to the Necromancer's clutches. Will she free herself with her newfound magic? Or will it require Rebecca to give up the borrowed life to pay what is due?


Highest Ranking: #529 in Fantasy 20 July 2016

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