The Mute Badass (continued)

The Mute Badass (continued)

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Category: Teen Fiction
Aura Price just got released from juvie. Why? She murdered her parents, that's why. She got arrested at the age of 7, now she's 18. Yeah, 11 years of juvie, but nobody messed with her. She was the most feared person in juvie, but she was mute. Her eyes were always cold, hard, and emotionless, not to mention purple, that's why she never takes her shades off. Nobody knew her real name in juvie, but outside of juvie was a whole other story. Outside of juvie, everyone feared the name Aura Price. She didn't let people in, not that anyone would want to get in.
What will happen when the mute badass meets the bad boys of Ice Bridge Highschool?

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idk man i need to spam

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