The Mean Duo ✔

The Mean Duo ✔

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The Description

They say polar opposites attract...Well fu☆k them I say I attract whoever I want, whenever I want. I am Natalie White and daughter to the Mayor. If this was a movie I'd probably be known as the villainous bitch out to steal the female lead's man. But guess what? This is real life and I am no second lead, I will crush anyone who dare stand in my way and proudly be the mean girl I'm known to be. This is my story.

^I won't be too sure about that if I were you. I'm Xavier Russo and this is in no way a stuck-up bitch's story. This is real life in which people act like the adults they are instead of parading around like spoilt little barbies. I will continue to tear you down and proudly be 'The Black Eye' I'm known to be. This is my story!

Natalie White is the daughter to the Mayor and the queen bee of her school. She is not one to take disrespect from anyone but what happens when a certain scholarship student from Italy gives zero fucks about who she is and what she can do? Will she tolerate it? Or will she put him in his place?

Xavier Russo is a new student at California High and he is not someone to give anyone the time of his day. So what happens when a certain rich little daddy's princess disrupts his peace and threatens to cause chaos in his somewhat peaceful life? Will he let her? Or will he fight her?

☆An alternating POV book, giving insights on to both the male and the female lead's side of the story. Read to find out if like charges attract or repel.

☆Warning⚠: Contains, swearing, graphic fight scenes and episodes of PTSD.

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