The Maze of Racing Hearts (The Maze Runner Trilogy x Reader)

The Maze of Racing Hearts (The Maze Runner Trilogy x Reader)

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Subject A11, Otherwise known as a huge pain in the ass for W.I.C.K.E.D
The Subject's name is (Y/n), She was sent into the Maze purely by accident but her friends dying wasn't an accident.

"I'm getting out of here, It's only a matter of time"

She was the first one to arrive at the Glade, The first one to be hurt by the Glade, And the first one to encounter a Greiver. It was almost as if Fate wanted to get rid of her, To kill her, To extinguish her fire but somehow she always slipped away almost as if she fell into the depths of hell thousands of times and was now able to crawl out of it without as much as a sweat.

"(Y/n)? She wouldn't hurt a fly" Laughed Gally as he ruffled her (H/c) hair making the other Gladers chuckle with smiles "She's our precious little Glader, Our sweet (Y/n)" He whispered with a soft smile

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