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I Didn't Know That The Godess is a Kid

This Story is About Rimuru from Tensura/TTIGRAAS except rimuru is the creator here and I don't want to put a relationship genre cause rimuru is a Godess here with an appearance of an 7-9 y/o kid. Here is the description of rimuru Name:Rimuru Tempest Gender:GirlRace:GodTitle:The Godess of Creation and DestructionIntelligence:OmniscienceAge:ImmeasurableStamina:ImmeasurableSpeed:ImmeasurableDurability:ImmeasurablePower:ImmeasurableManas:CielMagicule:infiniteOrigin Skill:AllUnique Skill:AllUltimate Skill: AllBasically rimuru is op here in this story. I'll be always active so call me if you want to request something. 😊
Villains Get Lazy Sometimes [BL] ✅

Lazy Touma suddenly wakes up in a BL novel as the Villain, Nakamura Shin. "..."Fuck the villain role, let me sleep.A grumpy cat-like person wakes up as Nakamura Shin, the Villain of a BL novel called "Sweethearts Since". His role was to bully the protagonist because Shin was in love with the male lead. It a was simple and cliche novel with many dramatic moments. But Touma didn't want to be a part of that and simply just wanted to live a lazy life."Male Lead": You'll get cramps sleeping like that. Shin: Tsk. Leave me alone."Male Lead": You can sleep on my lap if you'd like.Shin leaps into the male lead's arms: Pillow!!"Male Lead": *Smirks* Gotcha.Shin tries to avoid everyone...But his Male lead knew exactly how to deal with a grumpy cat.--Started: July 22, 2021Main Story Ended: November 25, 2021Ended (+Extras): November 29, 2021--{NOTE: NOT A TRANSLATION! THIS IS MY ORIGINAL STORY}
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Anime (The real anime)

Join Ash, Nemona, and Arven, as they bark on a exciting adventure in the Paldea region to battle, catch, and become the very best, like no one ever was.
Agent 34 (Book 1)

"You're forcing me to work with them and I'm telling you now that I can't do it.""You've worked with teams before.""Yeah, but none with a jackass in charge."***They're all a part of the biggest secret agency in the world and they've begun disappearing.Agents have begun disappearing. Gone without a trace, only to show up weeks later. Dead.Everly Kingston is the best agent the agency has, and now she's been put in charge of finding the missing agents and preventing more from vanishing as well.She's forced to team up with another team of agents after one of their team members, Agent 34, vanishes during a mission. And she's none too happy about it. With one overbearing and controlling team leader, one agent who really can't focus, an agent with an all-around bad attitude, an agent who redefines the term bitch, another who's stuck trying to keep everyone from killing each other, and one agent that's best described as a sociopath, this mission is bound to be a disaster before it even starts.Fortunately for Everly, she's got a handful of friends she can count on to help pull her out of this mess and keep her from killing her new teammates. But this mission just might be the toughest one she's ever had. She'll have to learn to put aside her differences with her new team as agents continue to disappear.Because it soon becomes clear that the last target, the last agent to disappear, will be her . . . ***2nd Trilogy in the Agent Series. Book 1***First Trilogy does NOT have to be read to read this one.
𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐀, f4 thailand: bof

❝ fate. a word meaning destiny. fate. a word meaning doom. ❞[ a f4 thailand fanfic ][ thyme paramaa x fem!oc ][ currently being rewritten ]© 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐰𝐛𝐛𝐲𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐫
The Amazing Digital Circus (Garfield X TADC AU)

A woman gets trapped in a crazy virtual world along with 7 other humans, along with a Dog are now subject to the whims of wacky AI and their own personal traumas.NOTE: This is just the AU.
A Trade Of Hearts |✔

Hate at first sight, revenge at next and then comes total chaos!∆∆∆"The ones you love the most have the power to hurt you the most."Vanessa Catherine Hudson at twenty-four is more familiar with this statement than she'd like to be.The tabloids would say that she has it all, until someone looks at her from her own looking glass. With bitter memories of an incident that changed her life for the worse, she returns back home to New York, after three long years, with just one goal: She has to become the next CEO of Hudson Enterprises...then things get complicated.This complication's name is Adrian Greys, CEO of Greys & Co. by day and playboy by night. He is ambitious, arrogant and has quite the temper. He is certainly not the type one should mess with.He looks like just another rich brat who inherited his father's legacy but is there more to those moody blue eyes?So what happens when Vanessa decides to put the haughty 'playboy billionaire' in his place?Afterall, what can go wrong......except everything?|#1 in Love||#2 in Romance||#1 in Billionaire||#1 in Chicklit||#1 in Drama||#1 in CEO|
His Nanny

"I shouldn't have agreed" She stilled as he kissed her bare shoulders,with a hand he wiped off her tears.She was scared as to what his little secret would do to her,and if she would enjoy it."I guess it's too late" With a mischievous smile,he continued to kiss her with full force his eyes glinting in pure lust.He made sure the cuffs were tightly secure,he was in charge for the night.Gabriele Armanto needed help when it came to his son and balancing his work ,accidentally he meets Heather, a nanny.But the thing is ,a nanny isn't supposed to fantasize about her employer ,and she has a boyfriend.

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teletubbies x reader (SUPER HOT!! )

you are y/n. you have blonde hair and a cute blue otter shirt with light bright diamond eyes and pink nails

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Sonic Rush - The Light in The Storm [ON HOLD UNTIL MAY 1ST]

It had been 2 years since the inter-dimensional crisis came into play. And so far, everything has been peaceful; in both Mobius and the Sol Dimension. All seemed well and in-balanced in the dimensional fabric. Or at we thought. A great evil has come forth to bring fear, destruction, and chaos into our heroes' worlds. Now, more weather disasters have been happening in both dimensions such as thunderstorms and blizzards! Both of them including Tails and Cream were thrown into a different dimension. Again. Not to mention the flickies and small animals were acting strangely, and odd crystals along with the Emeralds were scattered all across Mobius! The problems all seem to lead to a little girl, an animated teddy bear(?), 7 new powerful gems, and a devious yet mysterious dragon that appeared during a powerful storm. Will Sonic and Blaze solve the mystery? Where were they? And who was making all the disastrous weather?(Note: All artwork in this fanfiction belongs to me.)(Update: I'm having writer's block for this story atm. So I'm gonna try and write something else in the meantime. I'm very sorry about this. But hopefully, it will be over soon.]

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Questions to Ask Your Cornea Doctors Oklahoma

Regularly visiting your cornea doctors Oklahoma can help keep your eyes healthy... don't forget to ask these essential questions. Visit us for more details.

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The artwork on the cover doesn't belong to meso if you don't ship Reed900 don't read I guess(very cancelled)

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Tambaleándose hacia la salida, se encuentra a Wernicke, el cual acompañado por varios soldados de Murkoff armados, tira lo que al parecer es un líquido de color azul, desatando un virus que habían fabricado en sese mismo laboratorio. Aquel líquido se trataba de nadamás y nada menos que el virus-T. Al ver eso, Upshur empieza a gritar y los guardias disparan repetidamente Upshur, cayendo al suelo. Mientras Miles cierra los ojos, puede escuchar el sonido del Walrider atacando a los soldados, seguido de varios disparos por parte de los guardias.Entonces se despierta en estado inconsciente junto con los otros soldados y estos se dan cuenta de que ya no son los mismos, pues el virus ya los había convertido en muertos vivientes.La corporación Murkoff ya no existiría pues evolucionaría a una nueva corporación llamada Umbrella, la cual era la entidad comercial más grande y poderosa del mundo; pues, se encargaba de la realización de experimentos en un centro de alta tecnología llamado "El panal". Un laboratorio subterráneo secreto que realizaba experimentos en armamento viral. Entonces de ahí se crearían los zombis que destrozarían a toda América del Norte y que posteriormente se extendería en toda centro américa, Sudamérica y llegaría a otras partes del mundo como algunas regiones de Europa y Asia.Tales hechos crearían la extinción de la humanidad o al menos, eso parecía.CONTINUARÁ...

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Brigade Citadel

Brigade Citadel by Brigade Group is Luxury Gated Community introducing Luxury 2BHK and 3BHK's with flat sizes ranging from 1177 sq.ft - 1793 sq.ft in 8 Towers of G+15 Floors. Brigade group already one of the south india's leading property developers had build so many landmarks at different cities.Citadel is spread across 11.75 acre, it is everything from the thougtful array of amenties, sprawling outdoors with thoughtful architecture and it is a like minded community around you .The project is adjacent to Metro with excellent connectivity to different locations.

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Telecom Managed Services Market Growth, Share, Size & Forecast to 2032

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where connectivity is the lifeblood of businesses and personal communication alike, the role of telecom managed services has evolved into a cornerstone of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. These services, provided by specialized firms, encompass various solutions to streamline network operations, enhance security, and drive innovation in the telecommunications sector.

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Wishful Adventures | An Original Story

In the world of Faywyn...Joshua Blofis, a titan who's just moved out, all grown up, finds an old bronze oil lamp in one of his boxes. He decides to clean the dust off, only for a curious and eager genie named Sapphire to pop out from it! Sapphire knows very little about what the world is now, and they are curious to know more. So, instead of making three wishes, Joshua shows Sapphire around! The two experience the world together, as well as love and friendship, and whether they stand up to giants one day and treat a sore dragon the next, their journey will end as it started: always together.~°♡*.~This story features my OCs!! Even with the use of titan characters, this story is not affiliated with The Owl House in any way !!This story is completely non-fandom, and I do not want to argue about that, please and thank you.~°♡*.~

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To celebrate Pride in India, this week Wattpad and Noveria have teamed up to launch #WattpadNoveria for @WrittenWithPride week. Our goal is to connect every reader to a more diverse representation of Pride by showing that Pride comes in every colour. As a longstanding ally Noveria believes there is power in connecting through books.

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The fight of Good and Evil: Limbo

This is a poem, as you probably have noticed, not a story. It deals with the concept of the source of evil, something philosophers and scholars have always searched for. The rabbit hole represents a journey through the modern world. As the main character falls through this hole, he sees several acts of evil. Yet everytime, he turns away. With the last act, he very much tried not to, but his weaker self had the control over him. His heart turned, and as he looked back, he could see himself killing the child. This was a representation of what happens when we turn away. When we do not help, we might as well be the one comitting the act, for God sees us no better than the criminal. Lastly, when he got to the actual source of the rabbit hole, he found himself back on his bench looking at the crowds. He then realises that the source of the evil in the world is in fact us, since evil is a central part of who we are. Evil exists because we allow it to. And the more we turn our hearts to it, the harder it will be to turn back.

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