The Many Loves of Batman

The Many Loves of Batman

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The What If? stories of our favorite Dark Knight as each chapter shows the many relationships of Bruce Wayne or Vatman with the heroines/villainess of his life!

One-Shots Collection.

The pictures in each chapter that has a separate picture, belongs to their respective artists

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A spy, a wounded superhero, an ex anti-hero and a thief all meet up and form an unusual team. What could go wrong?Peter Parker- as Spider-Man he's had a roller coaster of a life. Trying to climb his way out of a particularly low part of his life, he finds he might not be able to return as Spider-Man. But will this stop the hero from helping people?Felicia Hardy- one of the greatest super thieves around, especially with her bad luck powers being charged up to new levels, suddenly Felicia finds she wants more of a challenge in life... but will this black cat finally find herself caught in her own bad luck?Teresa Parker- having lived a rare life, Teresa finds she can't live a normal one with her biological brother due to being a wanted criminal in the States. Tho when she comes in contact with a terrifying secret, will she break the rules of the American government to get aid from her superhero of a brother? Flash Thompson- from bully to war hero to handicapped to Agent Venom to AntiVenom, the not even 30-year-old had been thru a lot in his short life. Now retired to a civilian life, living in a wheelchair when he could easily be soaring thru the sky as AntiVenom still, Flash decides he just wants a simple life... or does he?Intrigued? Great! Read it. Also, I do not own these characters. This is pure fan-fiction. I have no idea who the photos belong to for cover art (I'm pretty sure one's from the comics).
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In A world where peter takes water he wants (Harem)
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What if when peter and carol where together,and when carol left peter she was pregnant and gave birth in space and the baby was given to peter

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