The Malfoy Girl (Secret Child of Bellatrix Lestrange sequel)

The Malfoy Girl (Secret Child of Bellatrix Lestrange sequel)

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Bellatrix was never caught and sent to Azkaban and she is livid with her daughter Lexi. Bellatrix finds out that she has grandchild. She makes it her mission to recruit them to her army. She knows Lexi would do anything for her kids even if it means helping her mother be the next worst villain of all time.

This story is from different povs. This book is mostly about Lyra but you get to see other perspectives like her brothers and her parents Lexi and Draco.

This is what happens after my first book "Secret Child of Bellatrix Lestrange." I suggest you read that one first.

To sum up secret Child of Bellatrix Lestrange: you went through the first wizarding war as a child of Bellatrix. You married Draco and had you three kids (in this order) Cepheus, Scorpio, and Lyra.

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