The LOV and pro heroes react to ships

The LOV and pro heroes react to ships

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Unspoken (BNHA x Male child reader)

Y/N was cursed, unable to speak without the risk of hurting others. But he still tries to go on with life, the way he wants to. Too bad danger keeps finding him when he wants no part of it.

basically you get transported...that's it... that's the story...enjoy!::::::::I do not own My Hero Academia nor any of the characters. This is a work of fiction.
My Omega

" Oh fuck, oh fuck! I can't take it! I'm sorry! I promise to be a good boy!" " You promise?" " Y-Yes! Ah ah!" " Then prove it. Get on top and ride your masters thick cock..."Omega Bakugou X Alpha Deku
MHA oneshots

One shots I write when I'm bored
πΆπ‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘Ÿπ‘’π‘π‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘› βžͺ 𝑇. π΄π‘šπ‘Žπ‘—π‘–π‘˜π‘–

"I'm going to tease you... until you break" In which you fall for the shy hero, Tamaki Amajiki, only to realize he's not as submissive as the media portrayed him to be. 18+ fem reader Started: June 20, 2021 8:25 amFinished:
glittergolf story

yea this is a monty and sun story- its mainly gonna be fluff. you can request things if you want (no nsfw you heathens) so yea. im not the best at writing so bare with me lol. the cover art is done by me- also dont make weird comments. dont. also this is gonna have semi-human monty and sun! like theyre half robot half human? idk
γ€ŒπŸγ€Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios. γ€ž

β˜…! ⛓️ ⟩⟩ οΌ  F O L L O W ?!- Misspelled/Typos Β« Grammar Mistakes Β» Forentertainment only ( ! ! ) DO π“‹œ NOT ^^ REPOST. β €β € β €. . . β €β € . . . β €β € . . . β €β €. . .β €β €β €- I do not own Haikyuu! or any of the characters that will be mention in this scenario/oneshot.- Votes and comments will be appreciated!( in progress of redesigning. )
Modern Times (Xiao x Aether)

Aether a common guy moving to Liyue to look for his long lost sister whom was separated at birth. He had no family members left expect for his sister who he didn't know anything about.He looked for her not knowing anything about her expect for the fact she was in Liyue.Aether hires a detective to help search for his sister only to find out the so called detective had stolen his money._While looking for his sister he meets a guy name Xiao. Aether quickly falls for Xiao not knowing anything about him.Aether thinks Xiao is a janitor who isn't the brightest and worked hard for his money as he was poor. Oh dear, Aether couldn't be more wrong, Xiao is the next Successor for a very popular modeling company, making Xiao VERY rich.__- This is a modern AU ( Alternative Universe )- XiaoAether is the main ship but side ships do appear!- This is my first Fanfiction so please bear with me if mistakes are made.- I do have mental problems so if I don't post on time please wait just a bit longer, I am trying__Updates irregularly due to stressChapters are worked on daily.Written for fun and for the XiaoAether shippers!STORY COVER CR: @coodoxd (Twitter)

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|β€’| The Fragile Slayer |β€’|    KNY FANFICTION

An ordinary girl, who loved anime very much, or more like 'obsessed', got reincarnated into her most favorite anime as a weak side character, that wasn't even seen in the anime. She was overjoyed because she could change the plots of her favorite anime, but at the same time a little disappointed because she reincarnated to a weak and fragile girl. But being fragile didn't stop her, she tried to strengthen herself and kept training and training, she didn't care if there were any consequences, she just wanted to save the fictional characters she always wanted to meet. This is the first fanfiction of Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer I made! ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ SPOILERS FROM MANGA! CRINGEY STORY (Depends on what reader thinks) WRONG GRAMMARS (A few) Hope you enjoy the story! Here's a virtual hug if you're feeling down! ʕっ‒α΄₯‒ʔっ

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After a life-changing accident four years ago, Elena Fan locked herself away from the world. She never intended to reenter it, but fate has other ideas. One moment she's alone in the dark, and the next she's with... the Avengers? A Marvel Fanfiction

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Take away everything you've ever known, every face, every place, and every memory. Replace it with empty darkness. Then, add on the pressure of waking up in a strange place, full of people you don't know, and a mystery you don't understand. Could you survive navigating this deadly world and the people who call it home? Can Skylar? I couldn't think of anything good to put here the book is better than the description I promise ~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’~~~β€’MAZE RUNNER FANFIC!! (Minho)(Disclaimer I do not own any of the maze runner characters setting or plot I only own my characters and plot. The rest belong to James Dashner.)#702 in Fanfiction

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GHOST (Oliver Wood Fanfiction)

Oliver Wood is stubborn, confident, and brave... or at least that's the façade he wishes to show. Lying is easy for Oliver, but living is harder when a white-haired girl crashes into him by chance. It's too bad she's the younger sister of his quidditch rival, right? SLOW BURN AND LOTS OF FLUFF (woo)#1 in OliverWood (feb '21)#1 in harrypotterimagines (feb '21)#1 in jamesphelps (jan '21)#1 in oliverphelps (jan '21)#1 in seanbiggerstaff (jan '21)#1 in OCbook (June'21)#2 in harrypotterimagines (feb '21) #3 in Kiernanshipka (jan'21)#4 in Weasley (jan '21)#9 in Draco (jan '21)#11 in HarryPotter (jan '21)I do not own any of JK.Rowlings characters however I do own my OC such as Larissa, Elijah, Isaac and Harvey x

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Under the Mask : A Miraculous Fanfiction

Ladybug turned slightly and the arms around her tightened possessively. A flutter of pleasure rippled through her body for a second before she squashed it. She had woken up in a strange place, being held by some mysterious stranger who...just happened to be in really good shape. Then she caught sight of the face the arms belonged to and her heart did a little backflip.

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Rose Red (An Avengers Fanfiction)

"Look at it this way, you been given an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. You can either push it to the side or you'll take that leaf. Maya, I know how hard it is to come back from the dark but just remember that without the dark there is no light. There is no balence. No harmony. No harmony, no stability. It is up to you. Either you will stay in your cell and close yourself off from the world or you'll embrace yourself for who you are and do some good to make up for past mistakes. The decision doesn't lie with Fury or even me, it all lies with you. Whether you'll get up and fight or let the dark things consume you." "So how do I overcome the dark?" "Simple. Find some light to guide you." RECENTLY COMPLETED βœ…

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ε₯³ι’ - Bungo Stray Dogs Fanfiction

Enchi Fumiko - a member of the Armed Detective Agency who would've been one of the strongest ability users; if it weren't for her poor health. But that wouldn't stop her from her journey in fighting alongside her friends protecting her beloved city of Yokohama.

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To Die For (reaper 76 fanfiction)

Reaper x Soldier fanfiction. Have to do this one. As a Reaper Main it is my duty to write this book. Expect smut and language. If you don't know Overwatch characters real names this story will be hard to understand. Enjoy!Ps.Once again I'm going to be hinting at a fanfiction I'll be doing in the future. Can you guess what it is? Read to find out!

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VegasPete The Series (Fanfiction)

This is a fanfic purely from my own imagination. The story is continuing from the last episode of KinnPorsche The Series, not following the novel or any side story that coming from the novel. My focus is on Vegas and Pete point of view not from Kinn and Porsche Disclaimer : I don't own the character's names, places, occupations or settings. It all belongs to the original creator. I only own the plots.

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