The Lores of Lyra - Burning Star [Book III]

The Lores of Lyra - Burning Star [Book III]

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Category: Fantasy
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Magic is dying. Someone has stolen the Tome of Lyra and tampered with the words. The book must be found and rewritten before the kingdom of Astron loses its magical shield.

The Elders of Astron call on Joshua and Eric, guardians of Lyra, to retrieve the tome. Barely home from their last mission, they set out to find the book thief and set magic to rights. Fearing the worst, they prepare to battle their own nemesis Errai. It would be easy if Amelia, a girl with a teenage-crush on Eric, hadn't snuck out after them.

But there's more to Amelia than even she knows. Rescued from the realm of the Black Holes, her magic is just awakening.

Combining their powers, Joshua, Eric and Amelia have to save Astron's magic and battle Errai one last time before the world is destroyed.

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Typical COTE reaction of the future.happens after y1v3. after the island examI'll do my best to match the characters as much as possible while writinghope you all enjoy :)all the character's and main story is owned by Syougo Kinugasa. this is just a fanfic.cover art by Tomose Shunsaku
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