The Little Time Travelers (Discontinued)

The Little Time Travelers (Discontinued)

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"Where the heck are we?" Boruto asked in confusion looking at his younger sister Himawari
"Look it's the kage sumit!" sarada said pointing to the huge mountain with the face of the Hokages on it.
"Wait where is dad's face?" Boruto asked confused.
someone ran past knocking over Himawari
"Im sorry little girl" the boy said helping her up then putting there hands behind there head
Boruto looked at the boy confused because he looked oddly familar.

( I don't anything about Naruto, Naruto:shippuden, or the Boruto movie the ONLY thing that belongs to me is the plot the owner ship goes to Misashi Kishimoto)

(Guys this story is way over and done with seriously stop reading it like I have other stuff lmao)

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