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I Choose You(Slow Updates)

Wei Wuxian were sent to the Imperial Palace when the edict reached Lotus Pier. The young Emperor will soon choose his harem. All unmated omegas male and female should be sent.But is everything really what is seems.They say true happiness are found in the most unexpected places.Another omegaverseHistorical Will not be historical correct. Many things would be made up as I go along.Wangxian is always the end game.
Forced Little

"you wear diapers don't you?" Winston asked, leaning against the door frame so cool, so casually, as if he didn't have a care in this world. I gritted my teeth to keep from shouting at him. he had the upper hand and we both knew it. "Yes." "So you just shit and piss in your pants... whenever you feel like it?" I snarled, my tone clipped. I wanted nothing more than to punch him in his stupid smug face. "No." "But you would if I told you to... wouldn't you Riddley?" "No," I said much too loudly. I was angry now, unable to control myself. "I wouldn't."
Pyramid Game season-1  ( Harin x Sooji)

The Otherworlders Academy - An Original Teen Fantasy

Teenage Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters join the Otherworlder Academy to train to fight off a demon horde and save the Otherworlder realm!Welcome to the rewrite of The Otherworlders! (This is v2 version, which explains the odd read to vote ratio, btw) :-)Anyway! If you're new, just a little info: ★ MY READERS LOVE ★ - Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Miraculous Ladybug, KOTLC, Teen Wolf, and Warrior Cats. If you love those stories, you'll love "The Otherworlders" too!******THE STORY: Forced to call a truce to the Shadow Wars and set their prejudice aside, Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters create the Otherworlder Integrated Academy. Nine students are chosen, three from each race, to train under Headmaster Pierce and his staff. But this is no ordinary school. No. These students are training to fight an encroaching demon horde while hunting down a magical tablet that could save the Otherworlder realm from destruction. "The Otherworlders" is filled with supernatural threats, magical powers, complex and layered storylines, and adorable yet complicated characters readers absolutely love!****** [[Wattys Winner]][[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]
His Secret Wife

"What happened to you?" I asked and she looked away from me."No... nothing" she stuttered I can tell she was crying."You were crying?" I asked more like stated and she shook her head. "Isha... if you're upset because of what you saw in the morning then you sho.. shouldn't be" I said in the end stuttering."I shouldn't be?" She asked innocently. And now her eyes filled up with tears."She is my wife isha" I reasoned and she gives me sad smiled."So am I" she whispered and tear escaped her eyes and turned to other side making me froze on my place.In those 2 years, this is the first time Isha said that she is my wife. Even I never acknowledge her as my wife. We hide this from everyone. We never behaved nor we asked each other that we are husband and wife and we want rights. So hearing Isha mentioning her as my wife makes me feel something in my heart which I never felt for her before.It makes me feel that I'm standing here with my 2nd secret wife.********"Mai bhale hi sirf tumhara nahi hun, par tum sirf meri ho. SIRF. MERI. Mrs Isha Arshad malik (i may not only yours. But you are mine. Only mine. Mrs Isha Arshad malik)"********Isha Abdullah. a beautiful 17-year-old girl. She lives in a small village. A village where girl treated like trash. She lost her mother when she born. Her father married another woman cause he wanted to give his daughter the love of a mother. But her fate gave her witch disguise by mother. She lost her father at the age of 12 and after that, her stepmother makes her life hell.Arshad Malik. A handsome kind 25 years old man. Happily Married man. He loves his wife. He married his college sweetheart when he was 23.He lived in Dubai with his wife cause of his business. They both came to their home town for some business but that led Arshad to married Isha.So how they got married and how they will hide their marriage from the world.

When he denied his own baby calling her a cheater."This baby is not mine."But why god planned them to meet again?"I would like you to transfer in JEON CORPORATION."When he devotes himself to ruin her life. "I'll ruin your life like you did mine."But then what happened to him?"I fvcking don't like to see anyone else near you. You get that?"When he gets to know the truth. What will he do then?🥇1 in #jeonjk (05/04/2024)🥇1 in #btsjungkook (12/04/2024)🥇1 in #jkff (20/04/2024)🥇1 in #jungkook (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #jeonjungkookie (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #jeonjungkook (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #golden (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #kookie (13/05/2024)🥇1 in #bangtan (16/05/2024)
The female supporting role is too enchanting

✦ 𝐌𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐄 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐒𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐋Original / Male and Female / Ancient / High H / Drama / Comprehension /What does Gao H need to do as a female supporting role who knows the plot? Of course it is to snatch all the opportunities of the heroine! As for the heroine's man... don't get involved!#Could it be that peach blossoms will bloom on the road of cultivating immortals with another soul#Alternative Title: 女配太妖娆Author: 淡画书墨

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        a love to last    (Aot mini story)

Annie leonhart wishes to get closer to armin arlet but finds it difficult because she is unsure of her feelings, meanwhile mikasa akerman is also protective over armin, as she See's him as a brother. Eren jeager want to help Annie so that his best friend would be happy, eren already knew armin had feelings for Annie so he waited till armin would confess, but now It seems like he will be helping Annie confess to armin. Will this love story end happily? I guess your going to find out!

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Sea Of Misfits || Tyler. G & Xavier. T

Alyssa wasn't mean, in fact she was quite the opposite. Most would describe her as a ray of sunshine. However don't be fooled, mess with her and she'll make you regret it, after all being the daughter of Poseidon wasn't easy.Some people find her a bit intimidating, but deep down inside, she had a heart of gold.Xavier Thorpe x fem!oc x Tyler Galpin

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Fake Love -- Dramione

"I want Astoria back, you want Weasel back - for some unknown reason. They'll come crawling back on their hands and knees. Simple, really.""Are you proposing we fake date?" I asked, incredulously. He smirked, "Oh Granger, that's exactly what I am proposing."---Takes place eighth year and they all come back to Hogwarts. Voldemort is dead, however everyone who died in the war is alive.(Completed) #1 in Hermione and #1 in Dramione

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🌚WhatsApp De Cnco Y 5 CNCOwners🌝

#CNCO✔ (J🍟-E👑-C🐼-Z🐼-R🐵)#JoelPimentalDeLeón✔#ErickBrianColónArista✔#ChistopherVelezMuñoz✔#RichardCamacho✔#ZadbielDeJesús✔#RenatoFrancis✔#WhatsApp✔#CNCOwners✔ ("Fans de Ciencuoi")#Chats✔#Mensajes✔#JOERICK✔ (Joel🍟y Erick👑)#CHISBIEL✔ (Chis🐼 y Zad🐼)#RENACHARD✔(Renato🐷y Richa🐵)#Fanfic✔

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In Love with a Vampire Wanna Be

Dan Michaels, A socially awkward 8th grader falls in love with Katy Preacher, A quite introverted girl who wants to become a Vampire. They also go through fun little adventures.

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Serene Forest

"Xylo?" Acacia rasped. I walk forward, now leaning against the side of her bed. "It's me, mom." I whisper. "Be careful, Xylo. You are not invincible." she said. I stayed silent. What was I supposed to say? "Please, Xylo." I look into her eyes. "I promise." I tell her. "Thank you Xylo." she laid back down.

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Đế Vương Công Lược

Up lên mục đích là để tự đọc thôi, k phải truyện của mình.

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Bakugou's Male Twin x BNHA(or MHA)

Disclaimer: If you want to read this but are upset that it is a male reader, don't worry since THIS very specific story is going to be written twice. One for if you are male, one for if you are female. And if you all want, a third copy will be made for those who are nonbinary and use 'They/Them' pronouns. I only own the plot, nothing else. And since you are Katsuki Bakugou's twin, you can't date him.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The actual description: You, dear reader, are Katsuki Bakugou's twin brother. You are 1 minute older, but look and act exactly like your father. Katsuki and you are not identical twins and your guys' personalities are complete opposites. Unlike your brother, you act quirkless. AKA, you don't rely on your explosive quirk. Also, your quirk is Acidic Explosion. Hero name? Grenade.

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Secret Malfoy - Dramione fanfiction

Eighteen years ago, Hermione Granger caught her boyfriend Ronald Weasley cheating on her. She vanished from the wizarding world, or so everyone thought. Now she's back, but is she the same Hermione who disappeared, or has she got a new personality and life that nobody who knew her before expected?

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My Stardew Farmer Infodump

I've reached the peak of boredom.It's just a bunch of info about my farmer, if she had any sense of autonomy and wasn't completely at my control.

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