The Journal of Kanan Jarrus (COMPLETE)

The Journal of Kanan Jarrus (COMPLETE)

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"I have heard that you rebel against the Empire. Is this true?"

Hera stayed silent and looked at the man with disgust written all over her face.

"Shame that such a pretty woman like you would betray her beloved Empire." he pressed onward.

"I have no love for the Empire... not after what they did to my home and all of the other planets that people call home all over this galaxy." Hera said, losing her temper.

"Seeing as we, the Empire that you hate so much, need information and you seem to have some... well, we are going to have to relieve you of that knowledge. You see, most prisoners like you are not that eager to give out information, so we have to extract it from them, sometimes rather painfully. Because I am kinder than the others here, I am going to give you two options. One, we painfully break you and get the information out of you. Or two, we painfully extract that information out of the man that is here with you. So... it's your choice. Which will it be?"


Book 1:
Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus have been operating as a duo for quite some while now after they met on Gorse. After a while together, they go on a normal supply run. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Wrong! Kanan has a few problems with the Imperial forces but does safely make it back to the ship. Later that night though, Kanan has a strange vision telling him to acquire some materials. After another one of these warnings, Kanan finds them and starts to use them.

So witness the events which lead up to Kanan having his mysterious vision and how he acquires these materials. Learn what happens after he starts to use these. Meet new and familiar characters and watch the rapidly growing relationship between Kanan and Hera all in this book.


COVER ART BY: lorna-ka

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