The Hooded Figure

The Hooded Figure

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"I heard he punched a teacher who tried to take his hood off."
"Really? I heard that he's hideously ugly and can't stand to have other people see him."
"Hmm, I was told that one time he was hooking up with a girl and he still didn't take his hood off."


These were the things they said about the new kid at Charlesteen High School. Were they true? No one knows, but touch his hood and you'll lose limbs. Quiet and intimidating, he never initiates conversation, and the only person who bothers to investigate this new student, is Amy.

Amy Carters is an ordinary girl with problems of her own, but when her social studies teacher pairs them up for a project, she's grows curious of the hooded figure. Who is the boy who lives under the shadows?

But despite her curiosity for the new student, she can't fight the attraction she feels for her new co-worker, Asher. Kind, thoughtful, and absolutely stunning, she quickly finds herself torn between Asher and the mysterious and brooding new student.

The question is, who will she choose?

After five years of the rights to this book being owned by Dreame, it can finally be returned to Wattpad! Be warned; I wrote this book when I was 14 and I can't even remember how it ends. Heed this warning haha.

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π’π“π€π‘π†πˆπ‘π‹! jude bellinghamΒΉ

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