The Good Girl's Bad Side

The Good Girl's Bad Side

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Category: Teen Fiction
Amazing cover by @GrimTragedies

Highest Rank: #1 in Teen fiction

Tristan's grasp tightens around my waist, while inching his face closer and closer to mine. He brushes his lips softly against mine, sending inevitable feelings running a marathon.

"You're really tempting me Angel." He chuckles softly.

"Do you always give into temptation?" I tease him

"Nope. But I'm gonna make an exception."


Meet Hailey Matthews. An average teenager, with good grades and top in her new school. But is she really a good girl?...Wait to find out...

Tristan Wilder. The bad boy everyone fears. The guy every girl wants and has the perfect grades. He's perfect.

What happens when these people's worlds cross?

Tears will be shed. Hearts will be mended and hope will be regained.


#27 Teenfiction [21/07/2018]

#3 fighter [ 12/05/2018]
#89 teenlove [12/05/2018]
#7 humour [ 21/07/2018]

This book still needs to be edited so excuse my grammar mistakes..

All rights reserved.

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