The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Abby has always just been identified as stutter girl.

Her high school life was a complete disaster, she lived in her sister's shadow the entire time and any chance she had at having a social life was brutally murdered after Scott Rogers mocked her about her stuttering their very first day of freshman year.

Scott is the quote on quote 'bad boy' of the school. Or at least that's what everyone else has him pinned as. He may be a huge flirt, but he sure doesn't sleep around. He genuinely only made fun of Abby that first day because he was curious, but then again with Scott his curiosity isn't always what he should lead by.

Of course Scott and Abby went their separate ways after Scott got kicked out several weeks after the incident, and Abby was eternally grateful for that. She thought she'd never have to see her bully again since he had been shipped off to private school.

But then college came along and with college comes new people...and maybe even a few old ones.

What happens when not only are Scott and Abby reunited but they have to share a room? Could it be love? Hate? Follow Scott and Abby as they explore feelings they never thought they'd ever get the chance to experience and maybe even more than that.

9/21/17: #1 in Chicklit

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