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"She's just a little too scared to get close because everyone who said they'd be there, left." -Anonymous

Bay Stewart is the girl who never smiles. Not even the slightest of a smile has came to her face in 7 years. She has herself guarded by building walls as high as the Empire State Building around her so that no one can get in.

Issac Evans is the golden boy of Eastside High and he is known as the opposite of Bay. He is always smiling and is always optimistic. Issac has made it his personal goal to get Bay to smile more and let the beauty she has been hiding to show.

When Issac and Bay collide, Bay is forced to truly acknowledge the pain and hurt that is inside of her that has caused her smile to disappear off of her face. When Issac brings his golden sun into Bay's dark world, something new is introduced into both of their lives.

True Love

And that is what makes the girl who never smiles smile again.

"Because, Bay Stewart, you are the best thing that has ever crashed into my life, literally."
-Issac Evans


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