The Girl Gang Leader

The Girl Gang Leader

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Vanessa Macbeth leads two lives. To the unwitting students of her High School, she's an all-star soccer player. To the wild girls who roam the street, she's a fearsome girl gang leader. And Vanessa won't rest until her best friend's killer is brought to justice. Keeping her identity secret, enjoying her last year of High School, she is waiting for the perfect time for revenge.

But everything doesn't go as planned when the school bad boy starts taking interest in her. While Vanessa is trying hard to keep her identity secret, Stefan Thompson is determined to unfold all her secrets and break all her walls to see who she really is.

Secrets are revealed. Old relationships are destroyed. New relationships are made. Loved ones are hurt. Hearts are broken.

Can Vanessa keep her identity a secret and avenge her best friend's death, or will she follow her into the grave?

"This book has balanced romance and gang stuff very nicely." -rsakshir

"This story is the definition of it's not what you think." -WerewolfDrama

"This book is one hella good." -uranonymousgal

"Never have I cried so many times for one book." -lolmelol16

"Best story. And trust me, it's not some cliche shit- it's full of twist and turns and you will not regret reading the story." -I_am_PIKACHUU

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