The Garbage Man

The Garbage Man

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Category: Fantasy
Jack was just waiting for the storm to pass. It wouldn't.
What it did was take him on the journey of a lifetime. A lot of lifetimes, in fact.

This is a cultivation/wuxia story at its core. May contain young masters, martial arts and magic.

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Ranvijay Pratap Singh Rathore ....A 26 yr old from one of the most powerful royal family of Rajputs...though the country got independence and monarchy ended...but Rathore family still enjoys power and respect among the people of the states their ancestors ruled. Politically strong Rathores have their way with everything they want 20 yr old Ananya lives in every moment...she enjoys small things...she has a small dream to study and get a good job and travel the world....her best friend is the Rajput princess Raksha But Anaya's life takes a turn when Ranvijay sets his eyes on 20 yr old free spirited Anaya....making her life hell

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Bts ff Oneshots

These are some short stories i had on mind and made them into one book

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Something tells me, you're going to love this story!_____ How do you know what falling in love is until you actually fall in Love? Well, technically, you don't. But in reality, you do! The scent of love alerts you from afar that maybe your time to fall in love is already here. Can three sisters actually end up messing each other's life to an extent that all of them gets entangled into the wrong scents of love?The story started when Miael Renaldi married Noah Martin to help her father's business but ran away right after the wedding ceremony at the age of 19. Mimin, her twin then gets into a quarrel with Noah's brother, Jade because of her sister suddenly abandoning her husband after the marriage. Mimin ends up hating jade so much that she ends up falling for him.Unaware of the whole scenario Eleanor the youngest of Renaldi sisters stumble into the game of fate when she and her childhood archnemesis (who happens to be Liam Martin, the youngest of the Martin brothers) get entangled into an almost forced marriage because of a bet involving Mimin. Their lives get completely messed up but they keep holding on because of the Scent of Love.PS. The boys aren't as simple as you think!

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