The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

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College is a confusing and exciting place. Between classes, sports, and an attempt at a social life outside of class, it's enough stress to make a perfectly sane person lose their mind. But when you're going to college with your best friend, everything seems a little easier. Except when your best friend is an enormously annoying pain in the ass who likes to call you at three in the morning while he's drunk and needs a ride home. Then, it makes a little more difficult and an exciting adventure.

Tessa Walters and Taylor McCarthy are best friends, as close as two people can get without ever being involved romantically. For the past four years, they've had each other's backs through every breakup, every championship, every heartbreaking loss that comes with playing the game of hockey. What Tessa doesn't expect their freshman year at Aladine College is Taylor's new girlfriend who seems to hate everything about her.

And did I mention she might accidentally fall in love with him along the way?

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