The Fox princess and the Heartless God.

The Fox princess and the Heartless God.

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Many years after Ye Hua's revival and his reunion with Qian Qian... Qian Qian's niece Feng Jiu desperately in love with the former Earth and Heaven God Dijun(Dong Hua).. tries to melt his heart..
No matter how many times Dijun rejected Feng Jiu's feelings and acted with cruelty ,she still loved him...
Then one day Feng Jiu finds out that her beloved Dijun...erased his own name from the Rock of Three incarnations ... In order to be single forever..
Desperate, Feng Jiu Runs to Dijun that confirm it...
Dijun admits it, and Feng Jiu cuts of her 9 tails, which resulted to excruciating pain and endangered her life..
The princess runs of to the Rock of Three incarnations to find her name and Dijuns..
But unfortunately none of their names were written...
Thanks to the tail cut she created a knife in order to carve their names..
But all of her tries we're in vain... Each time she wrote their names they would disappear ...
Losing consciousness... Feng Jiu was carried by Dijun, who found her laying on the Rock...
After some time ,Feng Jiu regains her consciousness, convinced that her feelings are connected to Dijun, decides to find any way for them to be together..
One day,in a chronicle she finds out that there is a way to travel in the past..

A/N : all right reserved owner of the series .

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