The Flynn Effect

The Flynn Effect

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Josephine Pryce will do anything to get out of Lakeville even if it means simply tutoring her arch-nemesis Flynn Cauley. Except when it comes to him, things aren't always simple.


Jo and Flynn couldn't be any more different than they already are. She's an uptight, type 1 diabetic and captain of the debate club and he's a notorious womanizer with a devil-may-care attitude and seemingly nothing to worry about. But now he needs help with English and she needs money for college. So regardless of the existent feud between them, she accepts to be his tutor in her school's online peer-tutorship program.

But things aren't that straightforward when it comes to him. A misconception and desperation later, they decide to become a fake unlikely couple, solely because Flynn needs to make his crush jealous and Jo needs her ex to understand that it's over. Besides, she's partly in love with the hot, gentlemanly school paper president and the only way he'll notice her, is if she somehow becomes popular. Everything will be fine as long as they follow the rules. But then again, rules are meant to be broken.

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#1 in angst
#1 in chronic illness
#1 in fake dating
#1 in diabetes
#3 in YA
#3 in love hate
#3 in enemies to lovers
#3 in heart touching
#6 in high school
#102 in romance

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