The Flash Rewrite

The Flash Rewrite

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The Flash was a good movie not a great movie but since James Gunn is of course cleaning house and soft rebooting the DCEU, I feel that a lot was missing from this movie like setting up James Gunn's DC Universe

Here's an adaptation of Flashpoint the way it ought to be done

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Villainess' Second Chance

Eloise Ophelia, a noble lady who recognize as the "villainess" in her first life. Her first chance to live as the noble lady went into a tragic ending. Now that she had another chance to undo her fate and to avoid her doom, she will live as the novel's villainess like she was reincarnated to, but unlike her first life, she'll make sure that everything will change and claim her victory.P.s this is my original novel OTHER TITLE OF THE STORY: Villainess' Second LifeStarted on 7/22/2021Ended on 6/8/2023Genre: romance, fantasy, isekaiHIGHEST RANK:#1 in noble lady#1 in historcial novel#1 in black magic#3 in fantasy-romance#1 in 2021#1 in novel #1 in wattpad#1 in 2022#2 in texttospeech
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Samiya is a special wolf from another planet. Instead of shifting at the normal age she shifted at age 2 and that's when her parents found out she was an electric wolf. She is the only one of her kind meaning she would be the most powerful person on her planet. Her parents were not to fond of the idea of her ruling the planet so they planned a trip to earth for her birthday and left her there. Samiya does not know the human language and she barely knows anything about werewolves. What happens when she comes across the blue moon pack and meets her mate.......The Alpha.

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